WY: GOA Endorses Harriet Hageman for U.S. House of Representatives

Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Harriet Hageman for U.S. Congress in Wyog. The Primary Election is on August 16, and she needs your help. Hageman will be a true representative for the people of Wyog, and she has a long professional history of standing up for Wyog’s freedoms and values. Paid for by Gun Owners of America Inc. Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Hageman earned GOA’s support because of a 100% score on our Second Amendment rights survey and her long history of standing against federal over-reach through her work as a constitutional attorney. She opened her own law firm in 2000 and has dedicated her career over the last few decades to fighting for Wyog’s citizens. What makes Mrs. Hageman the clear choice for Wyog is that she has a track record of fighting for Wyog against an out-of-control Federal Government, and […]

Trench Guns: Shotguns for Ferocious Fighting

U.S. soldiers attempting to quell the 1900 Philippines uprising often found their weapons ineffective against the ferocious suicide attacks by Moro swordsmen. Capt. John Pershing saw one weapon stand out during this close quarters fighting — the Winchester Model 1897 shotgun. While soldiers returned to using .45 Colt revolvers with more stopping power than their .38 Colts, the close quarter fighting also served as the spark for the M1911 in .45 ACP. As the United States prepared to join the fight in World War I, Pershing, now a general and head of the American Expeditionary Forces, recalled the Winchester’s effectiveness in the Philippines and envisioned how they could be wielded in the trenches of the French battlefields. He asked the Ordnance Department to request modifications. Winchester’s shotguns led the way in the trenches with the company’s Model 1897 (top) and Model 12 (bottom) and their 20-inch barrels and heat shields. […]

Everyday Carry: A Texas Ranger’s Colt Single Action Army

When Jack Dean patrolled the lonesome roads of west Texas in the 1960s, he didn’t know he’d cross paths with an infamous hitman with a famous son. Dean joined the Texas Highway Patrol in 1960 after being laid off from an aircraft plant in Fort Worth. After 10 years, he was recruited to the Texas Rangers in 1970 where he rose to the rank of captain before he retired to become U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Texas in 1993. He is one of six Texas Rangers to serve as a U.S. Marshal. When he joined the Rangers, there was no training. “They gave you a pistol and a badge, and it was go to work,” Dean said in an interview with the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum. “They just turned you loose and you leaned on your fellow Rangers.” A factory engraved Colt Single Action Army […]

GOA countering misleading polls about guns

Our God-given rights are on the chopping block. Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate are being shown MISLEADING opinion polls on Americans’ attitudes on guns. That’s why I need YOUR help getting the TRUTH to the House and Senate when it comes to Americans’ real opinions about guns. We need to BOMBARD every House and Senate office with nonstop letters to show just how many Americans want the government to leave our rights alone! Your voice will help drown out the phony polls being shoved in politicians’ faces by the anti-gun lobby. Our message must be clear: if a Senator or Representative chooses to stab gun owners in the back, then we will not show up to vote in November. Please add your name to our pre-written letters to warn the House and Senate that if they betray us by voting for gun control, then they can kiss […]

Colt Python Prices, Values and Trends

Seven years ago, we asked why is the Colt Python so popular? The answers vary depending on the gun enthusiast, but many collectors agree that Pythons and other snake guns are gorgeous, fun to shoot, finely crafted, and have received a boost from popular media in recent years. A cased match set of Colt Python “Snake Eyes” sold for $21,850 in Rock Island Auction Company’s May 2021 Premier Auction. Colt introduced the Python in 1955 as a premium revolver designed to compete with the finest double actions around. The Python’s balance, weight, precision craftsmanship, and great trigger pull gave the gun an accuracy and reliability that almost every shooter longs for, a big iron with an attitude. With a nickname like “The Rolls-Royce of Colt revolvers,” there’s a reason the Colt Python continues to trend upward in the world of gun collecting. Pythons are some of the best looking guns […]

Winchester 1873: One of One Hundred

Perhaps the most sought-after variation of the Winchester 1873 rifle, the Winchester One of One Hundred is one of the rarest of the rare in gun collecting. The One of One Hundred example featured in Rock Island Auction Company’s May Premier is not only the last of its model produced, but the storied rifle has an impressive tale to complement its remarkable pedigree. This rifle is illustrated and described on pages 113-118 of “The Story of the Winchester 1 of 1000 and 1 of 100 Rifles” by Edmund E. Lewis. Winchester referred to these special order rifles both numerically (1 of 100) and using their full wording (One of One Hundred) in their writing and advertisements, as well as on the rifle barrels. Winchester Model 1873 serial number 27179 has been a centerpiece in some of the most esteemed firearms collections throughout the decades, including the Frank R. Sweet Collection, […]

WV: Joe Manchin is “Open” to Banning AR-15s

); Dear friend: Gun owners in West Virginia know that complacency will let the anti-gun forces dictate to us the limits of our rights from Washington DC. And it appears that West Virginia’s own US Senator, Joe Manchin, is caving on your right to keep and bear arms. Many West Virginians desire to own firearms for defense of themselves and their loved ones. In fact, the desire for self-defense is one of the reasons we have the Second Amendment and Article 3-22 in the West Virginia Bill of Rights. Nonetheless, Sen. Manchin has teamed up with some of the […]

GOA-backed Case Forces Allegheny County DA to Consider Charging Pittsburgh Mayor and City Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Pittsburgh, PA) Today, a Commonwealth Court three-judge panel ruled that Allegheny County District Attorney, Stephen Zappala, violated Pennsylvania’s Rules of Crial Procedure by refusing to accept a private crial complaint from four Pittsburgh residents related to the illegal gun control ordinances passed in April of 2019 by the Pittsburgh City Council and Mayor Bill Peduto. The ordinances themselves were struck down both in the Court of Common Pleas and on appeal to the Commonwealth Court. However, plaintiffs in the private crial complaint alleged that Mayor Bill Peduto and the Pittsburgh City Council also abused their office with the passage of these illegal ordinances, specifically by committing an act of “official oppression” as defined by Title 18, Section 5301 of Pennsylvania’s Consolidated Statutes. Public officials are in violation of this law when they deny or impede the exercise of any rights, and it is classified as a second-degree misdemeanor in […]

DE: Fight Back Against the Many Proposed Anti-Gun Bills

); The anti-gun Left is doing their best to stomp on your rights again. There is a slew of anti-gun bills on the agenda in the cog days/weeks, including but not limited to a magazine ban, semiautomatic ban, and a ban on young adults (under 21 years old) buying firearms. Senate Substitute 1 for Senate Bill 6 would ban magazines that hold more than 17 rounds. This bill just passed in the Senate at 2pm today. It will likely head to the House for a vote next week. House Bill 450 is a so-called “assault weapons” ban that would outlaw most semiautomatic firearms. House Bill 451 bans the […]

A handgun ban coming to America?

The worst yet may be cog to America. Just days after Canada’s leftist prime ister vowed to BAN HANDGUNS in Canada, Joe Biden said he wants to ban “high caliber” 9mm handguns. You’re our only hope of stopping what could be the single biggest attack on our God-given rights. Please make a contribution to our 2A Protection Fund now that a ban on handguns could come to America. After two tragic shootings, anti-gunners feel empowered to pass the most extreme gun control our nation has ever witnessed. When the Buffalo shooting first broke out, the anti-gun Brady Campaign barely even waited 3 HOURS before fundraising off of the death and despair. The shameless anti-gun lobby has also used these tragedies to pressure weak-kneed RINO Republicans to consider surrendering on the Second Amendment. But banning so-called “assault weapons” and expanding background checks will do absolutely NOTHING to keep kids safe. In […]

OH: Arming Teachers Bill Passes Senate and Heads to DeWine’s Desk!

); As you may remember from back in November, GOA alerted you on the now passed Constitutional Carry bill and a bill that would more easily allow teachers to be armed. We had a big win back in March when Constitutional Carry was signed into law, but the bill that armed teachers remained stagnant. That is until last week, when the Senate finally took a vote and passed HB 99, and sent it to the Governor’s desk. As a reder, HB 99, championed by Representative Thomas Hall (R), would allow teachers to arm themselves after receiving a imum of 24 hours of training, and 8 hours […]

Getting the truth out to the public

Anti-gunners have been doating the airwaves to sp lies about guns. Pelosi’s anti-gun House held a hearing to gut the Second Amendment. Anti-gunners in the media all but called 2A defenders murderers. Joe Biden gave a primetime television address demanding gun control. That’s why Gun Owners of America has been doing nonstop media appearances to fight back and get the TRUTH out to the American public. GOA has appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Epoch Times, Reuters, and scores of additional local outlets. Plus here are just a few of our most recent TV appearances: Now we need your help to show Congress that the American public wants Washington to keep their hands off our constitutional rights. Please add your name to our pre-written letters to tell YOUR two Senators to vote no on the developing gun control framework in the 50-50 Senate and […]

Smith & Wesson’s M&P 10mm Auto

05/08/2022 Funny. You wonder why there is a picture of a tractor and I wonder why you are… wondering. My whole perspective on firearms begins with self reliance. My perspective on self reliance began with parents who believed a person should not ask others to do something they are capable of doing for themself. Does that not make for a “know it all” view of the world? No. Quite the opposite. It makes for a life long learning experience and the ability to accept failure as part of that process. So, my workload… woodland maintenance, vegetable garden, landscaping, firewood, snow removal, and being an old man dictated labor saving devices. It is just a small tractor, but it is all the tractor I need. And I don’t have to negotiate with services, or debate the quality of work or timeliness of completion at the conclusion of each project. Good […]

N.Y. Republican Drops Re-Election Bid After Bucking His Party on Guns

In the wake of deadly mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas, Representative Chris Jacobs of New York, a soft-spoken congressman serving his first full term in the House, stunned fellow Republicans by embracing a federal assault weapons ban and limits on high-capacity magazines… Rep. Chris Jacobs (R- NY) It took only seven days for political forces to catch up with him. On Friday, facing intense backlash from party leaders, a potential primary from the state party chairman and a forceful dressing down from Donald Trump Jr., Mr. Jacobs announced that he would abandon his re-election campaign. The episode, which played out as President Biden pleaded with lawmakers in Washington to pass a raft of new laws to address gun violence, may be a portent for proponents of gun control, who had welcomed Mr. Jacobs’s evolution on the issue as a sign that the nation’s latest mass tragedies might break […]

RINOs are quietly negotiating with anti-gun Democrats

While the House Judiciary Committee spent yesterday debating how to destroy the Second Amendment, something far more dangerous was taking place off-camera… …Democrats and RINO Senators like Lindsey Graham were putting finishing touches on a bipartisan gun control framework for the 50-50 Senate. Senate negotiators have ‘framework’ for gun legislation, source says [SOURCE: NBC] The Senate framework likely includes the demands Joe Biden made during his gun control speech last night: Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws, expanded background registration checks, and raising the purchase age for commonly owned firearms to 21 years old. While Pelosi’s House majority is sure to pass gun control, the Senate is our only chance at stopping this egregious assault on the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, the Senate is packed with Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, and Pat Toomey who love stabbing gun owners in the back. That’s why GOA needs your urgent help […]

FPC Sues Washington in Challenge to ‘Large Capacity’ Magazine Ban

SEATTLE (June 3, 2022) The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and FPC Law today announced that it has filed a federal Second and Fourteenth Amendment lawsuit challenging the State of Washington’s unconstitutional ban on common firearm magazines. Case documents for Gabriella Sullivan, et al. v. Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, et al. are available at FPCLaw.org. FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

Gaming with a SilencerCo Osprey

Gag with a SilencerCo Osprey Home June 3, 2022 Travis Pike The SilencerCo Osprey design is eye-catching. In a world where cans are mostly tubes with baffles, SilencerCo did something different with the Osprey. It’s unique square shape makes it tough to forget. It stand outs and has become a favorite in video games. Here, I’ve gathered ten different examples in which the Osprey popped up in video games. 1. Ghost Recon Wildlands and Breakpoint Ghost Recon is one of the classic tactical first-person shooters. The latest entries, Wildlands and Breakpoint, give you tons of in-game gun customization, and one of the more important factors is the use of suppressors. Players can remove or attach suppressors on-demand, and Osprey is the HDG suppressor, aka the handgun suppressor. Suppressors give you that movie quiet effect regardless of caliber, although some guns are inherently more stealthy than others. Suppressors in the game […]

S&W’s Model 351 PD Kit Gun

05/08/2022 As a kid… yes, a baby goat for folks who insist upon correct word usage and/or need specificity in language, I could not figure out why anyone would want to pay full price for a “kit gun”. a gun they would have to assemble. I did not solve that mystery. No, I think labeling me obtuse would be a little strong as a personality trait, however, I would endorse naive. I stopped thinking about “kit guns” altogether until the 1970s when I purchased a S&W Model 63 22 LR for my wife and noticed it was aly assembled!..!!. The event was a milestone in my life and I began thinking what other understanding might might have eluded me. Nah, I knew I was pretty much set on everything else in life. As my mother would say, “L’ignoranza è beatitudine”. Just for clarification, and to justify this preamble, in […]

PA: Stop Biden’s ATF

 Report SB 624 from the Senate State Government Committee and Pass It Immediately The Biden Adistration is breathing down the necks of gun owners nationally with the ATF regulations outlawing homemade firearms. And the pistol brace regulations may drop at any time. And that’s not all! The ATF has upped its attacks on law-abiding businesses that sell P80 kits, like Pennsylvania’s JSD Supply. Recently, the ATF sent JSD Supply a “cease and desist” order, putting the owner’s livelihood at risk. GOA-endorsed gubernatorial candidate, Senator Doug Mastriano, speaking at SB 624 press conference. Now is the time for the Pennsylvania General Assembly to take a stand against the Biden Adistration and pass SB 624, Senator Doug Mastriano’s ”Right to Bear Arms Protection Act.” This critical piece of legislation would forbid state and local government officials from enforcing ANY new unconstitutional federal gun control laws/regulations enacted after December 31, 2020. Specifically, […]