Proof Positive Ruger Makes An Excellent AR

So, another day in Maine, another snow storm. Not bad… a little bit like playing Pacman with a snowblower. Today was a break. A day to reflect, stop whining and get the right dset for tomorrow’s storm, which should dump another 14″ of snow. Funny how snow on the ground… Sign In Join Now Real Guns

WV: Keep Up the Pressure for Campus Carry

); Dear friend, Good news! In a 29-4 vote, the Campus Self-Defense Act (SB 10), passed the West Virginia State Senate. This bill would remove many of the “gun-free” restrictions on public universities in the Mountain State for concealed carry permit holders. The next stop for SB 10 is the House of Delegates. Please take action and urge your state delegate to support this important legislation. Also, please make plans to join GOA at the West Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Lobby Day on February 20th in Charleston, WV. Find out more information about the event and the pre-Lobby Day Dinner on February 19th here. In liberty, Jordan Stein […]

WY: Urge Your Representative to Vote to Stop Red Flags and Repeal Gun-Free Zones

); Two critical GOA-backed bills are moving in the Wyog House. HB0105, sponsored by Representative Haroldson [R] from Wheatland, will repeal firearms restrictions in many places currently off limits to firearms, including many government buildings, the Capital Building and Legislative Meetings, public schools, and colleges and Universities. Private property owners would retain their ability to restrict firearms on their own property under this proposed law. HB0105 removes unconstitutional restrictions placed on Cowboy State residents and brings Wyog law closer to the law in many neighboring states that allow variations of these practices. HB0250, sponsored by Representative […]

NM: HB 101 Assault Weapon and Magazine Ban!

); Assault Rifle and Magazine Ban Being Pushed in the NM House! Possession of Your Rifle and Standard Capacity Magazines = FELON! New Mexico Patriots, the fight has never been more important than right now! The Anti-Gun Left is at it again! New Mexico HB 101 is an overt attack on your Second Amendment rights. Radical Leftist Representatives Andrea Romero and Rep. Linda Serrato are attempting to ban a multitude of rifles and pistols and make possession of any magazine which holds more than 10 cartridges a felony. And if you are a felon, that means your gun rights are forfeited in all 50 states! HB 101 not […]

California’s Anti-Gun “A” Grade Can’t Stop Tragedy

Targeting the Good Guys Won’t Stop the Bad Guys An “A” grade. What everyone wants, right? NOPE. How can anyone (that’s you, Governor Newsom), in the bloody aftermath of 3 recent shootings, stand surrounded by 20 armed guards, proclaig that California is leading the way in reducing gun deaths? That A grade awarded to California from Giffords Law Center for our “common sense” gun laws seems to have lost it’s progressive glow. In fact, it proves the point that gun laws focused on lawful, responsible human beings are worth less than the paper they are printed on, and the Left is doing some fancy footwork to get us to look away. Rather, we need to stare straight into the face of these senseless and heartbreaking tragedies and take a hard break from the Band-Aid approach folks like Newsom want. We have an “assault weapons” ban, a magazine ban, ammo registration, […]

What To Look For When Buying a Suppressor

What To Look For When Buying a Suppressor Home January 25, 2023 David Higginbotham There are many reasons why you might choose to suppress a firearm. From the basic noise reduction on the range, to taking the edge off the recoil of a stout centerfire cartridge, silencers are surprisingly versatile. Here are some things to consider when buying a suppressor is your next step. Caliber What gun (or guns) do you want to suppress? Of all the choices available, this one may seem obvious. If you have a big Henry .45-70, you will need one that is large enough to accommodate the size of that monster bullet. In most cases, you can go down in caliber size. You can fire 9mm through a .45 caliber can, for example, or .22 LR through a can that will accommodate .45-70, (but not the other way around). If you want a versatile .30 […]

Coolest Guns for Collecting

Rock Island Auction Company’s gun auctions are always a jackpot for gun lovers of every stripe, featuring an unmatched bounty of rare and historic firearms. With so many genres and eras to choose from, it can be tough for an arms collector to narrow down their favorites, so today we’re looking at 10 of the coolest guns from RIAC’s February 14-17 Sporting & Collectors Auction. All genres are available at Rock Island Auction Company, from vintage to modern, from centerpiece models to used guns y to be fielded for the next generation. The 10 examples below represent an eclectic mix of wish list favorites and rarely-seen guns that would fill out any serious firearms collection. In short, an assortment of some of the coolest guns you’ll find anywhere, and just 10 more reasons to participate in RIAC’s February event. The Colt Walker As cool guns go, it doesn’t get much […]

VA: HB 1393 to be Heard in Richmond Tomorrow

); Dear friend, GOA recently made you aware of HB 1393, Delegate Marie March’s Constitutional Carry bill. In short, this bill would let qualified individuals carry a firearm free from government permission. This bill, along with a host of other pro and anti-gun bills, will be considered tomorrow, Thursday, January 26, starting at 4pm. So, please take action right away to your delegate knows where you stand on HB 1393. Better yet, please attend the hearing located at: House Room 1 Ground Floor Capitol Building 10th and Bank streets Thank you in advance for taking action. In liberty, Jordan Stein Southeast Region Director Gun Owners of America GOA

UT: Oppose Background Check Expansions!

); Background check expansions are on the move in the “Industry” State and we’re counting on you to help block H.B. 225 & 226 leaving the House Committee on Law Enforcement and Crial Justice today at 2:00 PM! H.B. 225 requires agencies to run a background check when returning a firearm to an individual from evidence. It also necessitates that courts report crial information to the Crial Investigations and Technical Service Division to provide all the relationship connections between the victim and the perpetrator. If that shocking data collection scheme were not enough, H.B. 225 requires the Bureau of Crial Identification to inform local law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over a firearms dealer […]

ND: Pass Campus Carry and Anti-Red Flag Bills!

); Contact Your State Representatives Today to Report HB 1401 and HB 1404 from Committee I have good news! Bills to stop Red Flags (HB 1401) and allow Campus Carry (HB 1404) are cog up for a vote in the North Dakota House Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Friday, January 26th at 2:15 PM. But neither of these bills will get reported from committee unless gun owners take action and let their state representatives know to pass these important measures to protect and restore our God-given rights. Representative Heilman, R-D7, has been hard at work attempting to make campuses safe by advancing Campus Carry, H.B. 1404! Additionally, […]

GOA and 2A Colleagues File Lawsuit Against Illinois Gun Ban

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 24, 2023 Washington, D.C. Today, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) joined a federal lawsuit filed today challenging Illinois’s latest ban on so-called “assault weapons.” The Second Amendment Law Center and the Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois are also lead plaintiffs in this suit, along with others as well. As of today, the law prohibits the sale or transfer of specific sporting rifles or those based on features, as well as prohibits the sale of rifle magazines over 10 rounds or handgun magazines capable of carrying more than 15 rounds. Current owners of weapons meeting standards under this law will be required to register their lawfully owned products with the Illinois State Police by January 1st, 2024, or face possible felony charges. This law, which was hastily passed on the very last day of the legislative session earlier this month, has received significant […]

Police Guns Collecting Offers Variety

A person’s gun collection almost always takes on their interests and often times their personality. The collector may enjoy the history that comes with a flintlock, percussion revolver, or lever action rifle. The firepower of Dust Bowl outlaws and the men who tamed them may be tempting to gather, as are the weapons used during the American Civil War, or World War 2. Or, they may want to feel the raw power and thrill of machine guns. Police guns are another strong area of interest for collectors. They can connect to a place or person of history, might feature interesting or unusual markings, or fall into a sub-genre of gun makers or military service. Rock Island Auction Company’s Feb. 14-17 Sporting & Collector and May Premier Auction offers plenty of examples of police guns and the fascinating connections that come with them. Police Guns From Around the World Whether they’re […]

NH: Stop New Hampshire Ammo Ban!

); HB 158 Would Outlaw Commonly Owned Ammunition Anti-gun Rep. Phillip Jones (D-Cheshire 3) has introduced HB 158, a bill that would ban “owning, storing, purchasing, selling, distributing, manufacturing or custom-production of any firearm ammunition designed and intended to penetrate armor plating or ballistic vests.” The bill is currently in the House Crial Justice and Public Safety Committee. HB 158 could outlaw nearly all commonly-owned rifle ammunition along with some handgun ammunition. That’s why I need you to take action today and send a message to your State Representative to oppose HB 158 by filling out the form above. HB 158 will have a public hearing in Concord […]

WA: SB 5078 Gun Control on Firearms Manufactures

); SB 5078 Goes After the Firearm Industry! Washington Patriots, I have some very bad news! SB 5078, a bill that attacks the very existence of the firearms industry, was reported from committee last week and is now heading to the Senate floor for a vote. This horrible bill will hold the firearms Industry liable for the actions of crials. The anti-gun Left is also driving out the firearm industry by making it illegal to manufacture, sell, distribute, and transfer any firearms and or parts of them in the state of Washington. SB 5078 will be a direct way to enforce tyrannical gun control by shutting down the […]

MI: Whitmer pushes universal background checks, red flag laws in Michigan

); . Contact Your State Representatives to Oppose Whitmer’s Gun Control This Wednesday night, Governor Whitmer will be announcing her plan to strip you of your Second Amendment rights. Whitmer will urge the Michigan legislature to require universal background checks for all firearms sales and send her legislation mandating “safe” storage of firearms. She will also be pushing for Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders. We cannot allow this to stand. Grechen Whitmer’s tyranny must be stopped. That’s why I need you to send a message to your representative and senator (by using the form above), urging them to oppose universal background checks, mandatory safe storage of firearms, and […]

Hunting and Shooting World Loses A Valuable Advocate

The hunting and shooting world lost an important supporter with the passing of 84 year old Robert Eltinge “Bob” Hodgdon on Saturday, January 14, 2023. Born and raised in Kansas City, Bob Hodgdon was extremely active in his hometown community. Mr. Hodgdon attended Baker Community College before graduating from the University of Kansas in 1961. Bob also served in the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserves from 1957-1961. Mr. Hodgdon was a loving father of four, grandfather to 11, and great-grandfather to eight. His personal and professional life were both intertwined with the Hodgdon Powder Company, which his parents founded in 1947. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of American hunters and shooters have shot Hodgdon powder at one time or another over the last several decades. From his early years, Bob and his brother J.B. both participated in company activities. During his over 70 years of involvement in […]

NE: Omaha Sheriff Opposes Constitutional Carry

); Sheriff Aaron “Hypocrite” Hanson Betrays Gun Owners Douglas County’s new chief law enforcement officer, Sheriff Aaron Hanson, is opposing Permitless Carry in Nebraska. While Republican Sheriff Hanson campaigned on protecting the Second Amendment, he’s wasted no time betraying that Omaha Sheriff Hanson is opposing Constitutional Carry in Nebraska promise to gun owners when it comes to permitless carry. Here are the details. Silence on Omaha’s Unconstitutional Gun Registration In a letter to Senator Brewer opposing pro-gun LB 77, Sheriff Hanson refused to take a position on Omaha’s unconstitutional “gun registration” ordinance. LB 77 would strengthen firearms preemption in Nebraska, eliating this egregious infringement on your God-given rights. […]

WV: Campus Carry Moving to full Senate Vote

); It’s an exciting time for pro-2A in West Virginia! Senator Phillips (District 7) introduces the WV Campus Carry bill SB10. Yesterday, SB 10, the Campus Carry bill, was passed by the Judiciary Committee by voice vote and without amendment. It now moves to the floor of the Senate for a full vote! Now is the time for you to make your support for Campus Carry known to your Senator! Making campuses safer for our young adults should be a priority! We could see a big change in the Mountain State and we’re counting on you to help this bill become law this session. Your state organization, West […]

SC: South Carolina Senate Introduces Constitutional Carry

); Let’s Move Constitutional Carry in South Carolina! I am happy to report that South Carolina State Senator Shane Martin, District 13, has introduced the South Carolina Constitutional Cary Act, (S. 109), an act that will no longer permit the State of South Carolina to blanketly crialize the carrying of a handgun. Currently, South Carolina law unconstitutionally infringes upon the fundamental right of residents and non-residents to keep and bear arms by declaring it unlawful for anyone to carry a handgun, whether openly or concealed, except in certain limited circumstances. In response to this infringement, Senator Martin has introduced a bill that would change this law by declaring […]