Help Pass the Second Amendment Protection Act!

[vv_widget][/vv_widget] We have been telling you for months that the Wyog Legislature should stand between the Biden Adistration and Wyog citizens and protect our Second Amendment rights. Second Amendment Protection Acts (SAPA) are legal tools that states can use to protect state citizens from an over-reaching Federal Government. GOA-backed SF0102 was just sponsored by Senator Larry Hicks [R] and fourteen other members of the Wyog Legislature. Representative Mark Jennings [R] will be the Floor Manager in the House of Representatives. This Bill, called the Wyog Second Amendment Protection Act, if enacted into law, would make it illegal for state and local officials to enforce or cooperate with unconstitutional Federal gun control. Now the battle begins! There is one other SAPA Bill that has been filed, and while it is a good Bill, it does not have the legal protections we need. The reality is that SF0102 is the Bill with the […]

WI: Senate Bill Could Hurt People who use a Firearm in Self Defense

); Unfortunately, some people just can’t help but look for any way to infringe upon your rights. At first glance, SB 852 might seem like a regular bill that is just tough on crime. But upon closer exaation, a lot of problems become clearly evident. Under this bill, a prosecutor will not be allowed to dismiss a charge of “illegal possession of a firearm,” if said individual is involved in a “violent felony.” One huge problem is that a “violent felony” is so broadly defined in Wisconsin law that it even includes owning a “Short Barrel Rifle (SBR).” And as you may know, the ATF wants to unconstitutionally ban […]

FPC Brief Argues Removal of Comments on Government Facebook Page Violated First Amendment Rights

DENVER (February 15, 2022) Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) has filed a motion seeking leave to file a proposed amicus brief with the ​​United States Court for the District of Colorado in the case of Delbert Sgaggio v. De Young, et al., a case where the magistrate judge recently concluded that Sgaggio’s criticism of City of Woodland Park, Colorado government employees was “obscene” and therefore unprotected by the First Amendment. The proposed amicus brief, authored by Eugene Volokh and FPC’s Matt Larosiere, can be found at FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

AL: Calls Needed! Constitutional Carry Vote is Coming!

Constitutional Carry Bill May Soon Get Committee Vote! Please call the Alabama House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee at (334) 261-0550 and urge them to pass Constitutional Carry without any weakening amendments! Speak Up to Resist Urges to Water Down Constitutional Carry! Dear Friend: Constitutional Carry (HB 66) may soon get a vote in the Alabama House’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee as soon as tomorrow. So, please pick up the phone and call the committee at (334) 261-0550 and urge them to pass the Constitutional Carry bill HB 66 without any weakening amendments! Reports indicate that weak-kneed politicians may add weakening amendments to water down Constitutional Carry. Gun owners in Alabama deserve nothing less than full Constitutional Carry, so we cannot let lawmakers get away with compromising away our rights. So please call immediately and urge the committee to pass HB 66 with no weakening amendments! See […]

Facebook Censors ATF’s Gun Registry With Error-Laden USA Today “Fact Check”

In a recent report, ATF admitted to Congress that it maintains nearly a billion gun and gun owner records. But the agency’s own admission didn’t stop Facebook and USA Today from teag up to “Fact Check” and censor this news which has shocked the Second Amendment community in recent weeks. Now found pinned below Gun Owners of America’s Facebook post is a text box which states: Missing context. Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people. The average Facebook user might now be inclined to click the link “see why,” which redirects to a so-called “Fact Check” article from USA Today—rather than the full story from its original source. Interestingly enough, when scrutinized, USA Today’s so-called “Fact Check,” which labels our claim of a partial national gun registry as “missing context,” makes eleven FALSE statements and eight statements that are MISSING CONTEXT. Indeed, by trusting in Facebook and USA Today, […]

WV: Support More Freedom on West Virginia’s Country Roads!

); The Keep, Bear, and Drive with Arms Act PASSES Senate Judiciary Committee! When traveling on West Virginia’s “Country Roads,” it is not lawful to have a loaded rifle or shotgun in one’s vehicle. However, gun owners in the Mountain State are working to change that. Last week, HB 4048, a bill to legalize loaded rifles and shotguns in a vehicle passed the Senate Judiciary Committee! Within the committee, the bill was strengthened with more clarity surrounding the legality of having a loaded long gun in one’s vehicle. Now, to arrive at the Governor’s desk, HB 4048 will need to be passed by the Senate, with agreement from […]

MS: The Magnolia State Is One Step Closer to Becoming a 2A Sanctuary

); Recently, the Mississippi House passed HB 1418, a Second Amendment Preservation Act. HB 1418 will address some federal gun control and offer protections to gun owners in Mississippi. Among other measures, HB 1418 would ban the state of Mississippi from enforcing federal gun control acts such as confiscation of firearms, gun accessories or ammunition. You can learn more about Second Amendment Preservation Acts here, but HB 1418 would be a great starting point to resist radical gun control measures that could come from an anti-gun Congress and President. So please take action and urge your state senator to support the House-passed Second Amendment Preservation Act! GOA

NH: Final Push to Enact Enhanced Preemption — HB 307!

STATE REPS. NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE DON’T WAIT CLICK THE TAKE ACTION BUTTON NOW! Let State Reps. know that you want them to enact HB 307, firearms pre-emption HB 307, Enhanced Preemption, was introduced by GOA Life Member, Rep. Norm Silber and is intended to stop local officials from violating existing law and the Second Amendment rights of citizens. Click here to our analysis and reasoning behind our support for HB 307, even with the Senate Amendment. Then, please click here to ask your State Reps. to vote yes on the expected motion to concur. Even though the Senate Amended HB 307, the prime sponsor, Rep. Norm Silber, and GOA’s Legislative Counsel, Michael Hammond, both agree that the amendment does not change the intent or the effect of HB 307 — which is to stop local officials from enacting gun control. Gun owners are entitled to a clear […]

WA: Magazine Ban Being Pushed in WA House!

); The Anti-Gun Left is at it again! Washington HB 1164 is an overt attack on your Second Amendment rights. Radical Leftist Rep. Javier Valdez is attempting to make possession of any magazine which holds more than 10 cartridges, a crial offense. This attack started and passed in the senate under SB 5078. This HB 1164 not only crializes possession, but also bans the manufacture, sale, transfer, or gifting of any magazine that has a capacity in excess of 10 rounds. Since crials, by their very nature, ignore the laws, HB 1164 is a direct attack on the law-abiding people of Washington. This horrible bill is the work […]

The Mauser C96

A broomhandle-shaped grip. A box magazine in front of the trigger. A long, slender barrel. The Mauser C96’s unique silhouette makes it one of the most standout pistols in gun collecting. The exotic look of the Mauser C96 made it a favorite in the entertainment industry, with author Ian Fleg depicting Mauser pistols as the preferred sidearm of the sinister SMERSH agents in the James Bond series, and the Mauser played a proent role in Clint Eastwood’s 1972 Western, ‘Joe Kidd.’ Today, the C96 can be found on screen in period dramas like Peaky Binders, and most modern audiences will recognize the Mauser pistol as being the basis for Han Solo’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster in the iconic Star Wars films. The Mauser C96 became a popular pistol with officers during WW1. When was the Mauser C96 Made? The Mauser self-loading pistol is known by many names, slangs, and designations. The […]

The Butterfield Revolver: Disc-Primed Debacle

Gunsmiths of the 19th century struggled as businessmen as they tried to contrive the next advance in weapon technology. Samuel Colt suffered financial difficulty early on in his career before receiving the order for 1,000 Colt Walker pistols by the U.S. Army for use in the Mexican-American War. Henry Deringer had no patent protection for his pocket pistols and fought infringements by duplicators most of his career. Walter Hunt had trouble finding a market for his early repeating rifle. He sold to Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson. They still didn’t find broad success and sold to investor Oliver Winchester in 1855. Lot 2107: Civil War Era Butterfield Army Model percussion revolver That brings us to gunsmith Jesse Butterfield and his scarce Army Model percussion revolver, one of which is on offer in Rock Island Auction Company’s Feb. 16-18 Sporting and Collector Auction. Butterfield’s revolver had a patented prig system that […]

GOA Helps Defeat Biden Gun Agenda, Calls on Removal of ALL Gun Control Language

Springfield, VA.—Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affairs for Gun Owners of America, had the following to say concerning the introduction of a bipartisan compromise Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act or VAWA on Wednesday: Gun Owners of America is glad to see the removal of much of President Biden’s gun control agenda from the latest proposed reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. President Biden needlessly weaponized VAWA to enact his gun control agenda, and gun owners are thankful that this agenda has been tossed to the curb. Language known as the NICS Denial Notification Act still remains in this VAWA Compromise. Should this language be signed into law, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) would begin to: work with local law enforcement to launch crial investigations into each NICS denial—which 9 out of 10 times is a false-positive denial of a law-abiding citizen; and deputize local law […]

Bipartisan Gun Control Incoming!

); Anti-Gun Politicians Are Close to Passing VAWA Anti-gun politicians from both sides of the aisle have been pushing an anti-gun version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), a bill designed to appear nice on the outside, but with infringements on your rights on the inside. VAWA has several massive anti-gun provisions which would put both men and women in a more dangerous position — one of being disarmed. GOA has been fighting this anti-gun bill since 2019, but anti-gunners in Congress are closer than ever before to having it pass. We need you to fight back against this today! The Good News VAWA passed the House […]

SC: Stop the Private Property Shooting Ban in Aiken County!

Speak Up to Defend Your Rights Please make plans to attend the County Council Meeting to oppose any restrictions on shooting on private property next Tuesday, February 15th at 7pm at the Council Chambers, 3rd Floor of Aiken County Government Center, 1930 University Parkway, Aiken, SC 29801. Stop the Private Property Shooting Ban! Dear friend, The freedom to discharge a firearm on your own property in Aiken County, SC is under attack. Aiken County Council members are planning to propose a county-wide ordinance that could effectively end the right to shoot on one’s own property. Such a proposal could include imum acreage requirements, berms subject to inspection, and perhaps a prohibition on hunting. State law aly prohibits discharging firearms at structures. Any such county local ordinance will not accomplish its intended goal and will be impossible to enforce. The United States is a nation founded upon private property rights as […]

GOA Statement on the Death of Amir Locke During a “No-Knock” Police Raid

Gun Owners of America awaits an investigation into this very troubling episode in Minnesota where Amir Locke a gun owner with no publicly known crial history or formal accusations of any crime was killed by Minneapolis police. For years, GOA has been concerned about how “no-knock” warrants threaten the safety of innocent Americans and law-abiding gun owners. For this reason, GOA filed an amicus brief in Quinn v. Texas, where an innocent father was also killed in a “no-knock” raid by police. The only justification for the no-knock raid in Quinn v. Texas was that John Quinn owned a firearm. The police claimed that firearms ownership was enough to present a danger to law enforcement, even though they knew Quinn had a concealed carry permit — meaning the state of Texas had pronounced him to be a safe, law-abiding citizen. GOA is not a police reform organization. However, […]

‘Ghost guns’ aren’t to blame for Philadelphia’s crime crisis | Opinion

Gun owners across the commonwealth are outraged by Gov. Tom Wolf’s and Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s continued scapegoating of firearms as the cause of violence in Philadelphia. As the Pennsylvania director of Gun Owners of America, an organization dedicated to gun ownership, I hear from other gun owners regularly. Let me walk you through our thinking. Wolf, Shapiro, and Democratic allies in the General Assembly are pushing no less than six bills — SB 413, SB 414, HB 271, HB 414, HB 1315, and HB 1966 — aimed at making homemade firearms illegal. These bills would require pieces of metal and plastic to be regulated as firearms. Philadelphia Democrats and the attorney general frequently rant about the number of homemade firearms that are used for crime in Philadelphia. With all this focus on what they incorrectly call “ghost guns,” you’d think homemade firearms are used in all crimes in Philly. […]

Battle Of The Barrels: Smith & Wesson CSX vs Shield Plus

S&W CSX Vs. Shield Plus: Brother vs. Brother. When the CSX was released, Smith & Wesson made it known that they had put another double-stack subcompact into their lineup by starting from scratch. With all their successes with their M&P series of compact pistols, the new CSX naturally begged for a comparison with the S&W Shield Plus. They are similar in size, capacity, weight and many other metrics, therefore, they are similar in function… but is one of them objectively better? If one were to be in the market for a new S&W compact pistol for concealed carry, is the M&P Shield Plus or the CSX better? We set out to answer that very question and (SPOILER ALERT) the short answer is, it depends on what you like. Smith And Wesson CSX: A Micro with a Touch Of Class The Smith and Wesson CSX is a double-stack micro-compact 1911 chambered […]