Here’s why your comments to ATF make a difference!

Comments from Gun Owners Have Aly Fueled Several Progun Victories People ask GOA all the time: “Why should I bother commenting to an adistrative agency? The anti-gun tyrants at the ATF clearly don’t respect our rights, so it’s a waste of time.” That couldn’t be further from the truth… Your feedback and grassroots activism can make a MASSIVE difference and it can even force the ATF to alter their plans for gun control. For example, the ATF received over 90,000 comments opposing Obama’s green tip ammo ban, forcing them to back down and abandon plans to ban that specific ammunition. More recently, GOA’s campaign to oppose Biden’s regulation of homemade firearms led to more than 60,000 comments and was impactful enough that the ATF even acknowledged the comments from our members. In response, they made several concessions in the final rule including: You do not have to treat magazines, […]

GOA is Fighting Against Biden’s War on Hunters and Recreational Shooters

); Help GOA Fight Against Biden’s All-Out War on Hunters and Recreational Shooters As we warned our members numerous times over the last few months, Joe Biden has instituted an all-out war against hunters and recreational shooters. In my role as the National Director for Hunter Outreach, I have been following this issue very closely, and have been helping guide GOA’s response to Joe Biden’s unprecedented attacks on America’s hunters. Over the course of this past summer, I wrote Op-Eds in The Washington Times exposing two high-profile examples of Biden’s War on hunters and recreational shooters including the banning of lead ammunition and the destruction of 58 year-old hunting and shooting programs available in many of America’s schools. Click the following links to the specifics about Biden’s Lead Ammunition Ban […]

WY: Invitation to the Wyoming Freedom Caucus Rally!

Join Gun Owners of America and Wyog Legislators on Saturday, December 9th for a Town Hall and Patriot Rally! Join Gun Owners of America and Legislators from the Wyog House Freedom Caucus on December 9th for a Town Hall and Patriot Rally near Buffalo! Get insights from Wyog’s House Majority Floor Leader Chip Neiman (a GOA-endorsed Representative) and GOA’s own Mark Jones. Read more about Chip and Mark at the links below: Chip Neiman Mark Jones Chip and Mark will shed light on everything related to Second Amendment Rights and other hot button issues facing the people of Wyog in the upcog Wyog Legislative session. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the experts. Don’t miss this informative event! Please share this with all your friends and family and make plans to attend this free event at 139 Monument Road in […]

FPC and FPCAF File Summary Judgment Brief in Lawsuit Challenging ATF Pistol Brace Rule

FT. WORTH, TX (November 15, 2023) Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and FPC Action Foundation (FPCAF) announced the filing of their motion for summary judgment in Mock v. Garland, their lawsuit challenging ATF’s pistol brace rule. The motion follows the Fifth Circuit detering that the rule is likely illegal and remanding the lawsuit back to the district court, which issued a preliary injunction in October. The motion can be viewed at FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

The Borchardt C93 Pistol

The Borchardt C93, often hailed as the grandfather of modern semi-automatic pistols, was the first auto-loading pistol to enjoy a notable production run. For early pistol and military collectors, the Borchardt C93 is a pinnacle firearm, and Rock Island Auction Company’s December 8 10 Premier Firearms Auction offers one of the finest examples of the Borchardt pistol in the collecting pursuit. This exceptional Borchardt C93 pistol includes the original matching wooden shoulder stock, the original black leather holster, four matching numbered original magazines, carrying strap, spare dummy magazine, original silver oil bottle, screwdriver, and the original black leatherette carrying case that houses the pistol, stock and accessories. Available this December. The outstanding C93 Borchardt pistol offered this December, serial number 19, is possibly the earliest known, all-original, unaltered, and completely cased Borchardt pistol in existence today. In addition to its exceptional condition, this historic C93 pistol rig was personally […]

The Volley Gun Through the Ages

One of the easiest ways for early arms makers to increase the rate of firepower for a single gun was to add multiple barrels that could be fired simultaneously or in sequence. Enter the volley gun, a design that was developed in numerous styles, sizes, and configurations through the centuries, including the duck foot pistol, the Nock volley gun, the Montigny Mitrailleuse, and the crank handle Nordenfelt “machine gun”, a multibarreled volley gun that competed with the Gatling gun in the 1870s. An exceptionally rare Nordenfelt 10-barrel volley gun with carriage. Available this December. A number of rare 18th and 19th century volley guns are for sale during Rock Island Auction Company’s December 8 10 Premier Firearms Auction, and each standout example of the platform illustrates the lengths gun designers went to offer a force multiplier on the battlefield or in the sporting pursuit. Click on the images throughout […]

Federal Judge Rules For Plaintiff in FPC-Supported Lawsuit that Challenged Lifetime Gun Ban for Non-Violent Misdemeanor Conviction

PHILADELPHIA, PA (November 14, 2023) Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced that Judge John Milton Younge of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has granted summary judgment for the plaintiff in Williams v. Garland, which challenged the federal Gun Control Act’s lifetime ban on the exercise of Second Amendment rights due to a single misdemeanor conviction for a crime that did not involve violence, physical harm, or a firearm. The opinion can be viewed at FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

Guns of the Bass Reeves Series

Paramount’s ‘Lawmen: Bass Reeves’, a Western iseries developed by ‘Yellowstone’ creator Taylor Sheridan, follows the life of the titular character during the Civil War and the volatile decades to follow, an era where some of the most iconic firearms were introduced to the American frontier. Like the real story of the historic Bass Reeves, Paramount’s series is a tale of survival and justice in a lawless corner of the American West. (Bottom) Bass Reeves (David Oyelowo) brandishes a Colt SAA Cavalry Model, one of his signature guns in the Paramount series. (Top) A David F. Clark inspected U.S. Colt Cavalry Model SAA with a factory letter and John Kopec Gold Seal Letter, available this December. Though the historical accuracy of the Bass Reeves series varies, most of the guns depicted are real firearm models that are highly collectible today, and similar examples can be found in Rock Island Auction Company’s […]

FPC and FPCAF File Brief in Support of Challenge to Hawaii Public Handgun Carry Bans

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 13, 2023) Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and FPC Action Foundation (FPCAF) announced the filing of a brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (and motion requesting permission to file) in support of the plaintiffs in Wolford v. Lopez, which challenges multiple public carry bans enacted by Hawaii in response to the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. The brief can be viewed at FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

The Ruger SP101

11/12/2023 A picture of bacon, sizzling in a frying pan was planned… but I ate it… and I do not have any more to photograph. Which is my point. Food shopping is a once each month event, because it is a 30 mile round trip to the store and…… Sign In Join Now Real Guns

FPC and FPCAF WIN: Fifth Circuit Vacates ATF’s Unlawful “Frame or Receiver” Rule

NEW ORLEANS, LA (November 9, 2023) Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and FPC Action Foundation (FPCAF) announced that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in their favor, holding that portions of ATF’s “frame or receiver” rule are unlawful in VanDerStok v. Garland. The Rule will remain in effect “pending the disposition of the appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari, if such a writ is timely sought,” per an August order from the Supreme Court. The opinion can be viewed at FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

Thomas Stuart’s One of One Thousand Winchester Model 1873

When it comes to American lever action rifles, Winchesters reign supreme. They are among the most iconic and collectible American firearms of all time, especially the Winchester Model 1873 in .44-40 W.C.F., and few are more desirable than the exceedingly rare One of One Thousand. James D. Gordon in his book ‘Winchester’s New Model of 1873: A Tribute’ wrote, “To the collector of early Winchesters, the Model 1873 ‘One of a Thousand’ has long been the epitome of desirable guns.” A historically significant, factory documented “One of One Thousand” Winchester Model 1873 lever rifle ordered by “Mr. Montana” Granville Stuart and inscribed for his brother and fellow pioneer Thomas Stuart in 1875. One of the headline pieces in Rock Island Auction’s 2023 December Premier sale. If the scarce One of One Thousand rifles are one of the epitome of desirable guns, Thomas Stuart’s incredible rifle has to be at the […]

We need YOU to submit a comment to the ATF

Joe Biden is about to BAN your right to sell a firearm. His ATF has announced a new rule mandating Universal Registration Checks for ANY gun sale that they detere you “profited” from. Under the proposed rule, you would need to become a federally licensed firearms dealer (FFL) to sell just a single firearm—even to a friend or a family member! This would mandate a paper trail for virtually every gun sold in America… …and force YOU to go through layers and layers of ATF bureaucracy to get permission from the government to exercise your 2A rights by selling your own private property. The rule is now in the public comment phase, so we’re launching a national campaign to flood the ATF with furious comments from outraged gun owners all across the country. Even if the ATF ignores the backlash and finalizes the rule, our next step will be to […]

MI: House Passes Gun Control and Looks to Push More This Week!

); Fifty-eight members of the Michigan House of Representatives have betrayed you. Last week, after quickly moving through the Senate, Democrats in the Michigan House passed HB 4945 sending the bill to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her inevitable signature, further propelling her tyrannical destruction of our Second Amendment Rights. Even worse, they were aided by Republican traitors Mark Tisdel (HD-55) and Tom Kuhn (HD-57). Voting lock-in-step with the Democrats, Tisdel and Kuhn supported HB 4945 which turns certain misdemeanor offenses in Michigan into an 8-year gun ban. But the anti-gun frenzy doesn’t stop there. Reports in Lansing indicate that House Democrats will try and push two other radical gun control bills as soon as this week! These new monstrosities, House Bills 4127 and 4128, would prohibit law-abiding Michiganders from […]

“I hope my victims aren’t [ready]” – Covenant School Shooter

LEAKED: Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto Dear friend, The Covenant School Shooter’s manifesto has been leaked! Gun owners can and should speculate why authorities refused to release the document. However, it’s clear by exaing the three public pages that this deranged individual — entrenched in woke ideologies — sought to attack Christians. (Guns & Gadgets has a good breakdown of the manifesto here.) In the document, the shooter chillingly wrote, “Can’t believe I’m doing this, but I’m y… I hope my victims aren’t.” GOA is urging you to get y. Here are five simple actions you can take to possibly prevent the next mass shooting, defending yourself and your family. Buy a handgun. Gun owners currently live in the golden age of concealed carry handguns. With so many quality options from the major manufacturers, it’s hard to go wrong. Also, get a quality holster that allows a full firing grip on the […]

Hollywood Guns of Entertainment Legends

Hollywood guns attributed to an Academy Award winner, a TV detective and big screen cowboy, “King of the Cowboys,” the “King of Comedy,” and “Mister Show Business” are on offer in Rock Island Auction’s Premier Auction debuting in Bedford, Texas, Dec. 8-10. These Hollywood guns were owned by household names: screen legend Gary Cooper, 80s sex symbol Tom Selleck, silent film and early talkies star Tom Mix, comedy great Jerry Lewis, and multi-talented Sammy Davis Jr. All of the guns below will be able to be viewed and inspected at the auction’s Dec. 7 preview day. Let’s take a look. Gary Cooper’s Guns Gary Cooper arrived in Hollywood first playing horseback riding extras before getting regular roles and playing memorable characters like his Oscar-winning portrayals of “Sergeant York,” and Marshal Will Kane in “High Noon” in his 36-year career. Cooper grew up in Montana where he learned to ride and […]

Prototype Project – The Rollo-Glide

11/07/2023 New England’s Fall color presentations are not as they are often represented. Yet tourists flood the area, by land and by sea, by car, motorcycle, bus, and bicycle. They geek and gawk, stare at the red and gold leaves, as they fall from the trees, and primarily relocate…… Sign In Join Now Real Guns

Marlin’s Dark Series Model 1895™

11/05/2023 Ah yes, my kingdom awaits me. The price to pay for living in the woods. I see a backpack leaf blower, and mounting the snow blower on the tractor, in my very near future. I would live nowhere else. So I am going to sit here in my Long Johns and winter gear, pretending I am going to go outside but, instead, write about something fun. Fun with big boomers… A firearm metaphor The Marlin Model 1895 is a big part of why the 45-70 Gov’t has retained its popularity for one hundred fifty years, and how it developed into such a powerful big game cartridge. The Marlin Dark Series Model 1895 is made for the hunter. You can be a blue steel and walnut kind of guy, and still appreciate a rifle that is configured differently to accommodate a specific application. Such is the case with Marlin’s […]

How and When To Shoot a Suppressor Wet

If you hang around suppressor gurus long enough, you’ll notice their use of certain terms like ablative, wet, dry, pistons, and others. Today, we’re focusing on those first three terms, and how they are typically used in reference to suppressor use. You may hear, “I’m shooting wet,” or “I’m shooting dry.” It essentially boils down to whether someone adds ablative material to their suppressor or opts for the dry method. Now, let’s dive into the science of suppressors to understand […]