Filibuster Fight: Round Two Begins

); We need you to take action to defend the Senate rules and defend your rights today! Senator Schumer plans to bring up anti-gun voting rights legislation and may attempt to bypass the filibuster to pass the bill. “We are going to vote. We are all going to go on the record,” said Schumer on Tuesday while threatening to destroy the filibuster. Votes could take place as early as tonight! If the Senate decides to nuke the rules, there is no stopping them from passing their radical anti-gun legislation: A national gun registry Semi-automatic gun bans “Red flag” gun confiscation laws These are all possibilities with this Democrat-controlled […]

Does “AR” Stand for “Assault Rifle”?

No. Feel free to move on to the next article if you want, because there’s your answer in a nutshell; contrary to what some folks on the internet are saying, the “AR” in “AR-15” does not stand for “Assault Rifle”. But if you want more details, they can be found below. During the last month or so of 2021, I started seeing a recurring statement popping up on some social media sites. Specifically, a repeated statement that the “AR” in “AR-15” stands for “Assault Rifle”. Now, I believe in the Second Amendment, and I also believe that A) the right to keep and bear arms is not a legal obligation to keep and bear arms, and that if you, ing this, decide the proper number of firearms in your home or in your life is zero, then that’s your call, and B) that using civil means to try and address […]

SVT 40: Soviet Semi-Automatic Rifle

The semi-automatic Tokarev SVT-40 doesn’t get its due in the history of the weapons of the Eastern Front because of its disrupted production. A weapon on par with the M1 Garand, the SVT-40 was the gun the Soviets wanted but it wasn’t what they needed when the Germans invaded. The Soviets, like many countries during the inter-war period, worked to develop a semi-automatic rifle to serve as a battle rifle for the Red Army, replacing the reliable but long-in-the-tooth Mosin-Nagant rifle. By 1938 they had one, the Tokarev SVT-38. The magazine-fed rifle weighed in at about 9 lbs. unloaded and was chambered for 7.6x54R ammunition. Russian standoff In 1939, German forces invaded Poland from the west. A few weeks later, the Red Army invaded Poland from the east. World War II had begun, and the Germans and Russians stood by their uneasy non-aggression treaty. The SVT-38 was in production but […]

Ruger’s Mark IV Target

11/21/2021 Computers suck. I opened WordPress to begin a new article and was once again confronted with a blank page. Happens every week. My stupid cell phone can anticipate my words, auto correct and express emotion, but you… you stupid tin box, all you can do is hide under my desk and let me to deal with the problem…. OK, so I have product abandonment issues. I grew up racing Fords. My favorite was a ’68 428 Cobra Jet 4 speed that we raced as a family. Loved that car. Paired with a 1969 Super Cobra Jet roller, we swapped drive trains and bodies for NHRA class advantage. Eventually, factored up in NHRA classes and out of replacement engine parts, we looked to Ford for a replacement and found only the Mustang Cobra II which was, essentially, a Pinto with a trunk, powered by an asthmatic 302 CI engine […]

GOA Combatting Biden & Bloomberg in Court to Save 2A Sanctuaries

Your fellow gun owners need you. Anti-gunners are trying to crack down on 2A Sanctuaries across America, with their sights now set on the strongest sanctuary in the nation Missouri. Last year, GOA successfully rallied our grassroots members in Missouri to press their legislators and Governor to support HB 85, a bill that would impose $50,000 penalties on any agency that enforces federal gun control that exceeds what is allowed by Missouri law. The Governor signed it into law, infuriating anti-gunners… Now, attorneys from Bloomberg’s Everytown and the Biden-Harris Adistration are seeking revenge by helping anti-gunners in St. Louis sue the state of Missouri. Gun Owners Foundation is now stepping in to help a local constitutional organization the Freedom Center of Missouri fight back in defense of Missouri’s status as a 2A Sanctuary. While we will be proudly adding our name to the amicus brief, Gun Owners […]

WA: Gun ban moving on Thursday, Jan 20!

Gun haters in the Washington Senate are fixated on banning firearms, and if you own certain named guns, or even guns that are similar — they want to ban them. The offending bill is SB 5217. The Senate Committee on Law and Justice conducted a public hearing yesterday and has scheduled an Executive Session to decide what to do with the bill on January 20 — in just two days. Like other bills of this type that GOA has fought, SB 5217 includes a long list of firearms that the sponsors falsely label as “assault weapons.” And in case they forgot to add something to the list, they have also included the catch all phrase: “a copycat weapon, regardless of which company produced and manufactured the firearm.” Not only that, in case they forgot to name certain firearms, SB 5217 includes a list of features such pistol grips, folding […]

What’s the Best Firearm for Concealed Carry?

What’s the best caliber for concealed carry according to police officers? This may be the second most common question I have received after “Have you ever had to shoot anyone?”. This is probably one of the most hotly debated questions and ranks up there with the great ongoing “Glock vs 1911” debate. While it may seem like a complicated topic, as a retired police officer I can say that my advice is always the same and it is always simple; choose the gun that you will actually carry. Selecting a duty gun and a concealed backup gun was one of the first decisions I had to make when I was hired on to the department. Since my father was a police officer, I looked to him and many of his contemporaries for advice as I began my career. Most of my professional decisions were made through that lens and choosing […]

What’s the Best Firearm for Concealed Carry?

What’s the best caliber for concealed carry according to police officers? This may be the second most common question I have received after “Have you ever had to shoot anyone?”. This is probably one of the most hotly debated questions and ranks up there with the great ongoing “Glock vs 1911” debate. While it may seem like a complicated topic, as a retired police officer I can say that my advice is always the same and it is always simple; choose the gun that you will actually carry. Selecting a duty gun and a concealed backup gun was one of the first decisions I had to make when I was hired on to the department. Since my father was a police officer, I looked to him and many of his contemporaries for advice as I began my career. Most of my professional decisions were made through that lens and choosing […]

The Home Defense Suppressor — Yea (Yay!) or Nay

The Home Defense Suppressor — Yea (Yay!) or Nay January 16, 2022 Travis Pike Of all the accessories you can attach to your weapon, the suppressor or silencer might be the most controversial. They have an interesting legal status as NFA items but they have never been more popular. Well, I mean, since the NFA became a thing. Today we are pondering a couple of questions. Do suppressors belong on self-defense firearms? If so, what priority should they hold? What’s the deal with a home defense suppressor? In general, suppressors rule. They make firearms much more comfortable to shoot, are a ton of fun, and should have the same regulation as a pair of earmuffs. I love shooting suppressed. In fact, I have a hard time going back to standard shooting after playing with cans. While suppressors can be extremely handy, are they the right tool for the home defense […]

Did Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Just Call Out Anti-Gun Republicans in the State Legislature?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just delivered his State of the State address to a joint session of the legislature, something that’s traditionally done at the start of each legislative session. The session started today and the Governor addressed a number of topics; the economy, schooling, immigration, etc. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis This being The Truth About Guns, I know what you really want to know. What did he say in regards to Floridians’ gun rights? He stated the following . . . I also recommend that the legislature strengthen protections of Floridians’ Second Amendment rights. These important rights should not depend on the whims of politicians who reject the existence of those rights in the first place. DeSantis had earlier stated that he’d sign a constitutional carry bill if one reaches his desk. The problem is, the very politicians that reject the existence of Floridians’ Second Amendment rights are the ones running the legislature. Politicians […]

Bills designed to promote gun safety and loosen gun restrictions are back before the Florida Legislature

Democrats seeking to curb gun violence face headwinds in the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature. On the flipside, Republican proposals seeking to loosen gun restrictions may also face pushback. South Florida Democrats took part last week in a virtual roundtable about gun safety legislation. “People often ask whether Congress is doing enough, whether the White House is doing enough, whether our state governments have done enough,” said Congressman Ted Deutch, who hosted the online discussion with local and state leaders as well as activists. “The answer to that question is no, undeniably no. Nobody has done or is doing enough.” For the 4th year, Sen. Tina Polsky, D-Boca Raton, is trying to pass a law that requires the safe storage of firearms to help keep them away from kids. “I naively thought this should be a fairly easy step to take when I entered the legislature four years ago,” Polsky said. “We’re not […]


SPRINGFIELD, Va. Today, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) submitted comments to Occupational Safety and Health Adistration (OSHA) in opposition of the proposed vaccine mandate for businesses. In the comments, GOA and GOF wrote, “The federal government possesses only the few and limited powers set out in the U.S. Constitution. None of those powers give the federal government a general police power to order mandatory vaccines. The federal government has no other source of authority, such as the commerce power, to command health decisions by Americans.” The comments continued to argue that, “if the OSHA vaccine mandate regulations were to be upheld, it could ily open the door to the federal government infringing the rights of Americans in many other areas of their lives, including their right to keep and bear arms, which is why GOA and GOF have a particular interest in these proposed […]

Urge Your Senators to Oppose Partisan “Election Reforms!”

); Concerning our parliamentary battle over the Second Amendment with Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer, we have some good news!! And a caveat. The good news is that, as of this moment, Schumer has been unable to get every Democrat in his caucus to agree to blowing up the Senate. And it’s not for lack of trying or bullying. But the caveat is this: Schumer is still pushing his bill to encourage election fraud. And he’s apparently willing to play let’s make a deal with holdouts Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). He has convinced Nancy Pelosi to take the pro-election fraud bill — and stick it […]

VA: Show up for your rights in Richmond

Attend Lobby Day in Richmond on January 17th Last November, Virginia shocked the nation by electing pro-gunners like Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares to statewide offices in the Commonwealth, as well as putting pro-gunners in charge of the House of Delegates. This success is due to the massive turnout of pro-gun voters around the Old Doion. Now, gun owners must show up again to build upon this success. So please make plans to attend Lobby Day, hosted by our friends at the Virginia Citizens Defense League on January 17th at the state capitol in Richmond. Beginning at 8am, Lobby Day gives gun owners the opportunity to connect with their legislators and personally advocate for the right to keep and bear arms. Who: You and thousands of other gun owners What: Lobby Day When: January 17th, 8-4pm Where: General Assembly (Pocahontas Building) 900 East Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219 Why: Advocate […]

Taurus® Joins FPC Constitution Alliance to Support Pro-2nd Amendment Litigation, Advocacy, & Education Programs

BAINBRIDGE, GA (January 12, 2022) Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced that Bainbridge, Georgia-based Taurus®, a holding company which owns some of the most robust firearms brands currently available in the U.S., has joined FPC’s Constitution Alliance family as a Benefactor Member in support of FPC’s legal action and advocacy programs to defend and advance the right to keep and bear arms. FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

Black Powder & Black Powder Substitutes

With increased interest in muzzleloading, various primitive and muzzleloading hunting seasons around the country, historical reenactments of various eras, and the current talk of real black powder shortages, now seems like a good time to discuss genuine black powder and black powder substitutes available on the market. Below you will find basic information about some common types of muzzleloading propellant. Though often advertised as “black powder substitutes,” many of these products are not actually suitable in all muzzleloading firearms. Research can help detere an appropriate powder charge, and you should up on any black powder product before loading it into your firearm. Now is a good time to note that you should NEVER load modern smokeless powders in firearms designed for use with black powder. This can result in pressures these firearms were not designed for, and the results can be absolutely catastrophic. You also should not load and […]

Colt Revolvers for Regular Joes

The pinnacle of western Americana, the Colt Single Action Army revolver served as the tool of homesteaders, Indian scouts, Saturday matinee cowboys, outlaws and the men who hunted them. First manufactured in 1873, Single Action Army revolvers are still made today. The gun, presented to world leaders and presidents, is famous, highly sought-after, and extremely collectable, especially the black powder frame revolvers. Famous ownership or historical provenance of a Colt Single Action Army can boost the price into the stratosphere. A well-preserved and well-documented black powder frame model can still draw five- and even six-figure prices. Under the National Firearms Act, a firearm manufactured in or before 1898 is considered an antique. But what of the Single Action Army owned by the shopkeeper, ranch hand, bank manager, or accountant? What of the ones that perhaps got stuck in a drawer and forgotten, or because of wear and tear received or […]

NH: Stop the thuggery at NH Fish and Game

Click here to stop the abuses of NH Fish and Game. Those of us who understand what the Constitution stands for, have, for many years, complained about the massive civil liberties violations committed by the Conservation Officers of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. In October 2019, we held a press conference with several pro-gun legislators to urge Gov. Sununu to replace the outgoing Executive Director with someone who will respect the Constitution. But the abuses have still continued. The TV SHOW “Northwoods Law” has shined a spotlight on the coercive tactics used to gain unconstitutional confessions, the illegal searches and the glaring fact that Conservation Officers use the threat of arrest, even for the lowest level of violations (where a hand summons would be more appropriate) as a tool to force confessions. We have even received reports of Conservation Officers telling hikers, that carrying a gun, in the […]

Without the Senate Filibuster, the 2A Would Soon be Dead

); There is ONE reason why Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer have not been able to totally destroy the Second Amendment. That reason is the Senate filibuster. We need you to contact your Senators and demand they leave the Senate-Rules as written: NO CHANGES TO THE FILIBUSTER. Let’s look at the situation: The House has aly passed Universal Background Checks / National Gun Registry legislation. The one thing blocking it is the Senate filibuster. The House passed Red Flag Gun Confiscation for in the NDAA. The situation is complicated, but it is fair to say that, without the leverage given to us by the filibuster, gun […]

Smith & Wesson’s New CSX

The Smith & Wesson CSX is a solid, single action, hammer fired, aluum frame pistol. Smith & Wesson’s restraint in product design and configuration is to be applauded. Restraint that places features and performance essential for defense with this type of firearm, while omitting the superfluous. That’s correct; no light rail, no optical sight mount, no faintly glow in the dark night sights, no 50 round magazine, no grenade launcher. A Micro-Compact frame size, some folks have jumped to draw parallels between the S&W CSX and firearms like the CZ RAMI 2075 of 2004, or the 1991 Star Firestar. An analogy? Sure. Both the 2022 Chevy Spark and a 2022 Corvette Stingray are automobiles, but that is where the similarity ends. Others have called it a 1911 design because it is single action and is hammer fired. Absolutely, except for its appearance and every other part of the pistol. So […]