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Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. USA -( Black Friday is a shopping day we gunnies all look forward to so we can save $$ on gear we always need more of. Time to replenish our depleted stockpiles of guns and ammo. When you shop using the links below you can help support AmmoLand News the only independent news organization fighting for your right to keep and bear arms. Here is our fast-link-list pointing to the sales pages for some of our favorite retailers that support AmmoLand News all Year long. As we always say: Stay Heavily Armed & Very Dangerous! Aero Precision Kentucky Gun Co Euro Optics Brownells Rainier Arms Optics Planet Botach Olight Sportsmans Guide Dvor La Policer Gear Primary Arms Trueshot […]

Brownells 2021 Black Rifle Friday Event Features Giveaways, Special Deals

GRINNELL, Iowa -( Brownells customers can enter for their chance to win a $1,000 Brownell’s gift card and get access to Brownell’s exclusives on special products from popular brands like Geissele, Daniel Defense, and Law Tactical during the annual Black Rifle Friday Event. Customers can enter their cell phone number now for a chance to win one of four $1,000 gift cards at the Brownells Grand Giveaway entry page. The Black Rifle Friday Event deals and exclusives begin on Friday, November 26. Starting Friday, customers will have access to doorbuster pricing on both overstock and new products, unique bundle deals, and gift card specials. One of the highlights will be a new addition to the very popular Brownells BRN-180 line. Customers will also get an opportunity to purchase a unique, one-time-only product created through a collaboration between Sons of Liberty Gunworks and Geissele. Other specials include Law Tactical folders […]

‘Gun Buybacks’ Proof that Desperate ‘Authorities’ Need Scapegoats

Gun-grabbing “leaders” have to make it look like they’re doing something, otherwise, people might figure out it’s all a big scam to hold on to power and influence. (New York State Attorney General/Facebook) U.S.A. -( “As city of Poughkeepsie officials continue to grapple with a rash of gun violence, and city school district leaders deal with the implications of a shooting incident outside its high school, a second gun buyback event through the Attorney General’s Office in less than six months is scheduled in the city for the beginning of next month,” the Poughkeepsie Journal dutifully promotes. “Letitia James’ office is holding the event, in association with the city police department, Dec. 4…” There is so much denial, hypocrisy, and outright public endangerment to unpack in such events, it’s difficult to know where to begin. We could start with the question gun owners have been asking for years: “How can […]

Trulock Choke Tubes Has the Upland Bird Chokes for Any Hunter

Trulock Choke Tubes Whigham, GA -( Upland hunting can be challenging and diverse and seasoned hunters understand the advantage of having different chokes in their bag, which is why Trulock Chock Tubes offers a variety of chokes depending on the scenario and game a hunter is after. Close, fast targets require an open choke to disperse the pattern quickly; while the open style chokes also work well when dealing with small targets, such as quail or woodcock. Additionally, there are days when the environment or long seasons cause birds to flush farther out. Switching to a modified or even full choke can give hunters the reach to stay on target for a clean kill when the opportunity finally arises. By using the right Trulock chokes for the situation, hunters can increase their effective range and maximize their pattern size at different distances. “Conditions can often change within […]

Bloomberg’s Child Propagandists Discover Amicus Briefs & Other Cool Legal Stuff

I’m guessing the woke kids working at anti-gun site, The Trace, don’t get out much. They don’t seem to have a lot of life experience. IMG istock USA -( I’m guessing the kids working at the Trace don’t get out much. They don’t seem to have a lot of life experience. The Trace is, of course, the propaganda arm of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Astroturf (not grassroots) anti-gun empire. The Trace describes itself as the “only newsroom dedicated to reporting on gun violence,” but a newsroom it is not. The Trace supplies propaganda for Bloomberg’s other anti-gun groups, which include Everytown and Demanding Moms, as well as any members of the media willing to cut and paste their stories. Reporters at the Trace are activists, not journalists. They advocate for more gun control. That’s why Bloomberg pays them. One of their young’uns must have learned about […]

Michigan Knife Rights Act Passed, Will Governor Whitmer Veto?

Knife Rights: Michigan Knife Rights Act Passed Senate U.S.A. -( With a bipartisan vote of 66 38, the Michigan House voted final passage of our Michigan Knife Rights Act, HB 4066, that was passed by the Senate last week. This is Knife Rights’ signature Knife Law Preemption bill. Once the bill is enrolled, it will pass to the Governor for action. As soon as the bill makes it over to Governor Whitmer’s office we will ask you to contact the Governor using Knife Rights’ Legislative Action Center. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of sponsor Representative Andrew Fink in getting this bill through the legislature. We’d also like to acknowledge again how much we appreciated eight-year-old Regton Wilson’s testimony in support of the bill. Knife Law Preemption is a Knife Rights’ crial justice reform effort that nullifies existing ordinances and prevents new local ordinances more restrictive than state law which […]

1791 Gunleather Now Shipping Mossy Oak Bottomland Holsters

1791 Gunleather partnered with Mossy Oak to offer new holster options. IMG 1791 Gunleather U.S.A. -( 1791 Gunleather and Mossy Oak recently broke the internet and had Mossy Oak fans going crazy when they announced their collaboration to produce the first leather holster in the iconic Bottomlands pattern. This highly anticipated new holster line not only eloquently secures your firearm but also adds a layer of protection for the rigors of everyday wear. 1791 Gunleather Mossy Oak Bottomland Holsters “Mossy Oak’s hard-core outdoor enthusiasts and passionate hunters love the classic, timeless look of Bottomlands, and we knew we had to develop a holster for them to exercise their 2nd Amendment right in style,” said Alex Toussieh, 1791 Gunleather’s Chief Operating Officer. “The Mossy Oak Family has such deep roots in hunting, and being able to work together to bring something new and exciting that is built specifically to their customer […]

Optics Deals: Konus Scope Konuspro 3-9X40 Illum Reticle $79.99 FREE S&H CODE

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. USA -( has a stupidly cheap price on the Konus Scope Konuspro 3-9X40 Red/Blue Illum 275 IR with Ballistic Reticle for just $79.99 with FREE shipping after coupon code “FREESHIPPING” at check out. Konus Scope Konuspro 3-9X40 The Konus Scope Konuspro 3-9×40 Red/blue Illum 275 Ballist Ret was built to function as the ideal scope for anyone needing an outstanding advancement for their firearm. These Riflescopes from the optical professionals at Konus are made using the robust and heavy-duty materials that you’ve come to expect from this impressive company. For a reasonable length of time, Konus has expanded in the industry of developing top end weapon scopes, and the Konus Scope Konuspro 3-9×40 Red/blue Illum 275 Ballist Ret […]

Gun Deal: P80 940C 80% Frame with FREE Parts Kit & Milling Jig just…$99.99 33% OFF

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. USA -( Primary Arms has a lowest-price-of-the-year deal on the P80 940C 80% Frame with FREE Parts Kit and milling jig all for $99.99. That is 33% off and you save $50.00. P80 940C 80% Frame with FREE Parts Kit The Polymer80 PF40C V1 Frame Kit has all you need to start a pistol build. The Polymer80 PF40C V1 frame kit includes the 80% compact pistol frame, jig, and all tooling required to finish the frame using a drill press and XY cross-vise. Features like the extended beaver tail, double undercut trigger guard, and thumb ledge considerably enhance the ergonomics. Allowing for a very effective grip and improved recoil control. Built with high-strength reinforced polymer construction. It comes equipped […]

Government Is Conditioning Americans To Despise Their Rights & Liberties ~ VIDEO

Opinion New York -( The Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist goal is to dismantle the Republic. To accomplish that task it is necessary to disrupt the underpinnings of our society. That society is predicated on the tenets, precepts, and principles of Individualism and on the Judeo-Christian ethic, not the amoral tenets, precepts, and principles of Collectivism, permeating throughout society. The manipulation of language plays an important part in the attempt to transform America into a Collectivist Dictatorship. Language offers a more emphatic and critical need for serious discussion. For political theorists and sociologists, the politico/socio import of reshaping language is important. It is certainly important to the Destroyers of a free Constitutional Republic. It is important for the Destroyers of our Nation to change our perception of it; of its basic underpinnings. Manipulation of language becomes an important tool in the arsenal of those forces bent on dismantling a free Republic. If […]

Ammo Deals: Igman .223Rem FMJ 55Grn, 500 Rnds Ammunition $319.19 FREES&H

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. USA -( Sportsman’s Guide has in stock and shipping 500 rounds of Igman Regton .223 Regton, FMJ, 55 Grain ammo for $319.19 with FREE shipping for club members. That is $0.639 each a round. Check the buy now button as they have 1000 round quantities order options also at the time of this post for less $. Check prices over here. Here we have standard Regton® .223 Ball Ammo made under contract by Igman Ammunition of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Key Specifications Item Number: 720536 Mfg. Number: LREM223 UPC Number: 885344981945 Caliber: .223 Regton Bullet Weight: 55 grain Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket Muzzle Velocity: 3,231 FPS Muzzle Energy: NA Case Type: Brass Primer Type: Boxer, reloadable Rounds: 500 So you […]

Daily Gun Deals: CMMG AR15 22LR Bravo Rifle Conversion Kit +3 Mags $149.99 FREE S&H

Read AmmoLand News’ review of the CMMG Bravo 22 LR AR Conversion Kit & Video the First Kit That Doesn’t Suck. USA -( The gun guys at Primary Arms are having a sale on CMMG AR15 22LR Bravo Rifle conversion kit and three matching 25 round magazines for $149.99. Cheapest retail price in months! You can check prices online here and over here. If you have wanted to convert your AR15 rifle to shoot 22LR but were put off by the high price of conversion kits then here is your chance to get a great kit and start saving when you train. Use Economical .22 LR Ammo To Practice More & Hone Critical Shooting Skills. Drop-in .22 LR conversion system comes fully assembled and y to install in any semi-auto AR-15 to help you practice critical shooting skills with economical rimfire ammunition. Helps you concentrate on improving grip, […]

Extremist Group Still Arguing for Animal ‘Personhood’ Rights

By Larry Keane Thanksgiving could look completely different if the Nonhuman Rights Project Inc., an animal rights group, gets its way in a case pending before the New York’s Court of Appeals in 2022.IMG iStock-1293904168 U.S.A. -( Thanksgiving could look completely different if the Nonhuman Rights Project Inc., an animal rights group, gets its way in a case pending before the New York’s Court of Appeals in 2022. The animal rights group is suing again to extend human rights to animals. In this case, it is for Happy, an Asian elephant that’s been in the care of the Bronx Zoo. The case, though, could have far-reaching implications for hunting and conservation. The Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) is appealing a case that was dismissed by Bronx Supreme Court Judge Alison Tuitt in February 2020. NhRP alleges the Bronx Zoo is illegally detained Happy and the animal, as an “extraordinarily complex” creature, should have […]

A Mormon Prophet’s Sharps Pistol-Rifle

The beehive symbolizes the industry, harmony, order and frugality that Mormons required to build a community in the hostile environment of the West in the 1800s. It is used on buildings of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the seal of the state of Utah, and two universities located there including the university named after Brigham Young. Young is a towering figure in American history and American religious history, known as “American Moses” and “Lion of the Lord” for leading the Mormon people westward to the Great Salt Lake Valley. He served as the Utah Territory’s first governor and as the second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is only fitting that his rifle bears the image of a beehive. The beehive motif on the pistol-rifle’s patch box lid in the stock is unquestionably a special order from the factory. Brigham Young’s Rifle […]

Some States Making JPMorgan Chase Pay for Anti-Gun Discrimination

Despite the Biden adistration’s statements to the contrary, Americans are still buying more guns than ever. IMG iStock-1189937492 U.S.A. -( “JPMorgan Chase & Co. was removed on Thursday from a $700 million Louisiana municipal-bond deal after the bank’s stance on guns drew criticism from state Republican officials,” Bloomberg News reports. “The decision came after state Treasurer John Schroder, a Republican, said his team was scrutinizing JPMorgan’s gun policies following Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon’s comments to a Congressional committee earlier this year that his firm won’t finance companies that make military-style weapons for consumers.” “Louisiana isn’t alone in standing up to discriatory policies,” the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported in October. “Texas’s legislature passed and Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott signed into law the Firearm Industry Nondiscriation Act (FIND Act). The law prohibits ‘woke’ corporations from profiting from Texas tax dollars and using those profits to fund efforts to deny those […]

Tactical Deals: 10 Magpul 30 Round PMAGS Gen M2 MOE Magazine $8.95 Each

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. USA -( Rainier Arms has a blowout price on MagPul PMAGS.. just $8.95 each. What more need we say? (mic drop)! Compare prices here, here, and over here. Magpul 30 Round Pmag Gen M2 Moe Magazine The PMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M2 MOE is a 30-round 5.56×45 NATO (.223 Regton) AR15/M4 compatible magazine that offers a cost competitive upgrade from the aluum USGI. It features an impact resistant polymer construction, easy to disassemble design with a flared floorplate for positive magazine extraction, resilient stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance, and an anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability. Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) is a line of firearm accessories designed to provide a high-quality, economical alternative to standard weapon parts. The […]

Below the Radar: Jaime’s Law Returns

Below the Radar: Jaime’s Law Returns United States -( When I warned loyal Ammoland ers that anti-Second Amendment extremists would not give up, even after Second Amendment supporters favorable Supreme Court rulings, I noted there were many legislative avenues they would try short of banning guns. One such avenue was re-introduced recently. Jaime’s Law, which is named for Jaime Guttenberg, who was killed in the Parkland shooting, is formally known as HR 2715 in the House of Representatives and S 1237 in the Senate, would require background checks for ammunition if enacted. The sponsors of this legislation, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), are no friends of the Second Amendment. The legislation was introduced in the last Congress and went nowhere. If the last name Guttenberg sounds familiar, it’s because Jaime’s father has been attacking Second Amendment supporters for their refusal to accept the injustice of […]

Gun Deals: Aero Precision AR15 Complete Lower w/3 Magpul PMAGs $199.99

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. USA -( Aero Precision with some great black Friday sales. Like the Aero AR15 Standard Complete Lower with three (3) Magpul PMAGs in Anodized Black for $199.99 which is 30%+- off the MSRP. AR15 Standard Complete Lower w/ Magpul PMAGs Our AR15 Complete Lower Receiver is the perfect base for your custom AR15 rifle. Save when you buy it complete and let our specialist do the installation for you! Includes: AR15 Gen 2 Lower Receiver Anodized Black M4 Stock Black A2 Grip Black Mil-spec Lower Parts Kit Carbine Receiver extension AR15 Carbine Buffer and Spring These parts are installed 3X Magpul PMAG® AR/M4 30-round M2 Magazines. Gun Deals: Aero Precision AR15 Complete Lower w/3 Magpul PMAGs […]

Cane Guns: Remington’s Dandy Rifle

E. Regton & Sons found a dandy way to slyly arm the fine gentleman of the 19th-century, by introducing the single-shot cane gun. Rock Island Auction Company’s Premier Auction on Dec. 3-5 offers 11 Regton cane guns. Looking for a way into the civilian market, Regton started making the Thomas Patent percussion cane guns in 1859, aimed at swells and fops concerned about being set upon by hoods or stray dogs. Rock Island Auction Company’s Premier Firearms Auction, Dec. 3-5, features 11 E. Regton & Sons cane guns from a single collector. They include a number of rarities as well as fine examples of the company’s variations between percussion and rimfire models. A number of ornate canes and walking sticks are also on offer, with many topped by highly detailed carved ivory handles. Rock Island Auction Company’s Premier Auction on Dec. 3-5 has a number of ornate canes on offer […]

Gun Deals: Sylvan Arms AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter, Gen 3 just…$119.99

Check out our Daily Gun Deals page for more savings! Need more 9mm Ammo? Then BookMark this page! Own A Gun? Make Sure you are Covered. Legal Defense for Self-Defense. Sylvan Arms AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter, Gen 3 nov2021 USA -( Primary Arms has the Sylvan Arms AR-15 Folding Gen 3 Stock Adapter on sale for $119.99. This is the lowest price we have seen on this great product all year, which means buy more than one. If you add a Primary Arms riflescope, like the Primary Arms SLx 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope, you can get FREE shipping at check out. The Sylvan Arms Gen 3 AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter is compatible with 5.56 and .308 pattern rifles. And allows you to fold your stock for a more compact package for storage. It simply screws into the receiver extension slot where your buffer tube would and then you screw […]