Colt Single Action Army of J. Edgar Hoover

J. Edgar Hoover, the top crime fighter in American for nearly half a century as the director of the FBI from its founding in 1935 to his death in 1972, is one of the most controversial figures in modern American history. He launched the FBI into the crime-fighting juggernaut it is today, taking steps to modernize its capabilities as it grew from just 700 special agents in the late 1930s. Now, the bureau has 35,000 special agents. However, under his leadership the bureau gathered information on friends and enemies to use against them if necessary. Staunchly anti-communist, Hoover kept an enemies list and compiled files on hundreds of thousands of Americans, including celebrities like John Lennon, Malcolm X, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King. Under Hoover’s watch, the FBI also monitored groups like the American Communist Party, Nation of Islam, Black Panther Party, and MLK’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Lot […]

BIG NEWS: IraqVeteran8888 Joins GOA

Eric Blandford Joins GOA as Georgia State Director I have some incredible news for you! GOA is proud to welcome Eric Blandford of the IraqVeteran8888 YouTube Channel as our new Georgia State Director. Eric has used his channel to advocate for gun rights as well as introduce new gun owners to the Second Amendment community for many years. Now, he’s teamed up with GOA to fight for the Second Amendment alongside his fellow Georgians. Please watch his announcement video here. In fact, he’s hitting the ground running, as he will headline GOA’s 2A Freedom Rally at Pro Gun Club Vegas with GOA’s Tim Macy and Stephen Willeford. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, please make plans to attend this event! Eric is joining GOA at a critical time. The Peach State is currently at a turning point, and Eric will be working to unseat the radically anti-gun Raphael Warnock […]

BIG NEWS: IraqVeteran8888 Joins GOA in GA

Eric Blandford Joins GOA as Georgia State Director I have some incredible news for you! GOA is proud to welcome Eric Blandford of the IraqVeteran8888 YouTube Channel as our new Georgia State Director. Eric has used his channel to advocate for gun rights as well as introduce new gun owners to the Second Amendment community for many years. Now, he’s teamed up with GOA to fight for the Second Amendment alongside his fellow Georgians. Please watch his announcement video here. Eric is joining GOA at a critical time. The Peach State is currently at a turning point, and Eric will be working to unseat the radically anti-gun Raphael Warnock and bring more pro-gun reforms to Georgia. We are thrilled to have Eric on our team. If you haven’t aly, please join GOA to help expand Eric’s reach around the state. GOA

LA: Constitutional Carry Up for Vote in Senate Committee

LA: Constitutional Carry Up for Vote in Senate Committee Constitutional Carry bill HB37 is scheduled to be heard Tuesday morning, May 24th, in Senate Committee on Judiciary C. Because of your actions, and those of gun owners throughout the state, Constitutional Carry was overwhelgly passed out of the House to the Senate, and continues its march to Governor Edward’s desk. Senate Committee Judiciary C is chaired by Sen. Franklin Foil. Sen. Foil is one of five State Senators who changed their votes on Constitutional Carry during the veto session last year, allowing Governor Edwards’ veto to stand. GOA has not forgotten this stab in the back by Sen. Foil and others, and I am sure you have not either. That is why we need to send a strong message to Sen. Foil, and the committee members, that it is unacceptable for our representatives to put politics and self-interest ahead of our […]

New for 2016 Ruger’s Switcheroo – Buckaroo

It would appear that 2016 is unfolding as a year of innovation. Take, for example, Ruger’s new Switcheroo Buckaroo, or the “Swuck” as it is aly popularly called. The Swuck is the first Roto-Barrel, Dual Caliber, Multi Engagement Revolver to hit the market. Primarily a hunting revolver, the Swuck’s cylinder can hold a combination of three 357 Magnum and three 22 LR rimfire cartridges which allows the hunter to switch between a round suitable for hogs and deer to one more suitable for harvesting small game for the stew pot. The position of the Swuck’s barrel deteres which caliber is indexed and discharged. Rotated to the 357 Magnum position, a firing pin selector pushrod moves rearward until it bears on a rocker mounted firing pin and positions it for centerfire contact. Rotated to the 22 LR position, a firing pin positioning bushing at the rear of the barrel allows […]

Browning’s X-Bolt Mountain Pro Tungsten

05/01/2022 Lately, I have been doing a good deal of “order and pick up” grocery shopping. It is not that I am lazy, as much I would rather keep a young person in a job, than have them unemployed and drifting off into the world of political activism and attempting to mold the world into their own image. Which is how Maine legislated a $15/hour imum wage and McDonald’s statewide price for a Quarter Pounder with cheese is $137.36. So I got home and began to put groceries away, when I discovered my order for three Bartlett pears, was filled with two pears and a mango. An accident filling the order? I doubt it. Who in the world could mistake a mango for a pear? No, I think this is part of a bigger federal government overreach, or Joe Biden’s plan to mitigate supply chain problems; satisfy pear shortages […]

Supersonic – Subsonic Handloading the 7.62×39 Ruger American Ranch Part I

04/03/2022 -I am stuck. I can’t make up my d if I want this John Deere 2038R… which I can’t afford, or a smaller, but similarly equipped John Deere 1025… which I also can’t afford. It isn’t the cost of the basic tractor, but rather all of the options and implements it takes to make either as capable as pictured, and even that doesn’t include a cab for shelter against Maine winters during snow removal. I stopped in at the dealer and the sales manager was quite helpful. Me, “I need to selectively clear eighty acres of woodland. Which of these two would be best suited to the task?”. Sales Manager, “Neither”. Me, “So your saying one would be as suitable as the other?”. Sales Manager, “No I am saying they are both the wrong tool for the job?”. Me, “They are both very pretty tractors. The 2038R is clearly […]

GOA Supports PA Business that was Illegally Shut Down by ATF

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 20, 2022 WASHINGTON, D.C. —This morning, Gun Owners of America (GOA) lent their support to JSD Supply, a small firearms parts retailer located outside of Pittsburgh, after the business filed a federal lawsuit against the ATF in the Western District of Pennsylvania yesterday. ATF sent JSD Supply an unclear and confusing Cease and Desist Order regarding their sale of firearm products, including some that the Biden Adistration is planning to regulate this August. This has forced JSD Supply to shut down their operation, which is largely firearm parts that include slides, barrels, triggers, springs, unfinished “80% frames and receivers,” and occasionally tools that may be used by the customer to privately complete the manufacturing process. Of concern is the inability of the company to operate at all right now, in essence to sell any of their numerous products that ATF admits are not regulated. Most alargly, while ATF has repeatedly approved of incomplete […]

NY: Governor Hochul Signs Executive Order Strengthening Red Flag Law

); Your rights are under attack, yet again. In the aftermath of the recent shooting in Buffalo, Governor Kathy Hochul has decided to dance on the graves of the victims to push her own political agenda. She has signed multiple executive orders, including one that strengthens the existing Red Flag law, furthering gun confiscation without due process. Another executive order she signed calls on New York State Police to establish a dedicated unit within the New York State Intelligence Center to track “domestic violent extremism” through social media. This is essentially invading your privacy and using statements made on social media to take away your Second Amendment rights. […]

What’s The Value of a Factory Letter?

Hey there, wait a ute Mister Postman. Is there value in that factory letter? The debate over the value of a “factory letter” is one that seems to pop up from time to time in gun forums. So what is the answer? What Is a Factory Letter? Model, condition, finish, grips, engraving, where it was shipped, to whom it was shipped, and serial number range are all considered in detering a gun’s value. A letter can help answer some of those questions. In Rock Island Auction Company’s recently completed Premier Auction, factory letters from a number of gun manufacturers like Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Browning were provided. Buffalo Bill Center of the West has records for a number of long gun makers like Winchester, Marlin, and Ithaca, and many of those factory letters were also provided at auction. Private authenticators like John Kopec also lend their expertise with […]

Ghost Guns Defined

DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer, and more critically I am not YOUR lawyer. If you this article and decide that exploring homemade firearms is something for you, it is critical that you study and understand the laws that apply to your place of residence. While the current state of play on a federal level does not make fabricating your own firearm a crime on its own, the laws in play in some states can make doing so a serious crime, if not from the act itself then from related burdens and requirements. Failure to do the homework may expose you to serious personal jeopardy. Measure (the rules and regulations) twice, cut (the trigger pocket out of your 80% receiver) once. Images courtesy of Here in Illinois, new legislation has been recently passed by the General Assembly in a dead-of-the-night vote to deal with the issue of ghost […]

Gun Gifts for Dad

Forget neckties and coffee mugs this Father’s Day and find your dad something he can really get excited about—a new gun for his collection. And with Rock Island Auction Company offering a jam-packed slate of quality gun auctions, there are lots of guns and cool gun accessories to choose from to truly make his day. Guns and gun related Father’s Day gifts are perfect options for the dad who’d rather spend his weekend wing shooting or plinking at the range than hitting golf balls. Some fathers can be notoriously hard to shop for, but if your dad is a passionate gun enthusiast, any of these gun gift ideas are sure to hit the mark. If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift for gun lovers in your family, RIAC’s upcog gun auctions are filled with a fantastic selection of rare and desirable firearms. Gun Collection Must Haves Buying a gun […]

Samurai Gun: Colt’s Gift to Muragaki Norimasa

Perhaps no gift is more American than a fine firearm, and Samuel Colt presented one of the most desirable guns available to Muragaki Norimasa, the Vice Ambassador of the first Japanese embassy to the United States in 1860. Representing the feudal Tokugawa Shogunate government of Japan, Muragaki Norimasa’s delegation was not only the first group of Japanese to visit America, but also the first Japanese embassy dispatched to any Western country in more than two centuries. The Colt New Model 1855 military revolving rifle inscribed to Muragaki Norimasa is an immensely historic firearm that represented a first exchange of technology, culture, and philosophy between two nations on opposite ends of the globe at a time when the world was growing ever more connected. Commodore Perry and the Black Ships In 1630, Japan’s Tokugawa Shogunate government closed the country to the West except for a small Dutch outpost in the port […]

GOA Responds to Gov. Hochul’s Expansion of Red Flag Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 19, 2022 WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Gun Owners of America (GOA) Northeast Regional Director, Michael Csencsits, responded to New York Governor Kathy Hochul signing an executive order to expand the state’s unconstitutional “Red Flag” law, which permits police or family members to petition a state court for the temporary or permanent seizure of firearms from an individual. Csencsits issued the following statement: “Despite making a threat last year, a review by local prosecutors has detered that the Buffalo mass murderer did not qualify for ‘red flag’ gun confiscation. To put it bluntly, attempted intervention by the state failed, and existing policies like ‘may-issue’ laws only put those in Buffalo at a greater disadvantage. In spite of this, Governor Hochul just signed an executive order to require state police to request these ‘extreme risk protection orders’ when people meet certain government designated criteria. Let’s be clear, requiring law enforcement […]

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. To Host Analyst Day

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. , June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select Market: SWBI), a U.S.-based leader in firearm manufacturing and design, today announced that it will be hosting an analyst day on June 18, 2021 . Mark Smith , President and Chief ExecutiveSmith & Wesson News Releases

Cugir Micro Draco: When Small Isn’t Small Enough

The Cugir Micro Draco, with its 6.25-inch-long barrel, is the smallest AK pistol on the market. Made in Cugir, Romania just like the WASR-10 rifle and standard Draco pistol, the Micro Draco is of the same quality as its bigger brothers. The post Cugir Micro Draco: When Small Isn’t Small Enough appeared first on Gun Digest. Tactical Guns | Firearm Reviews

Best Sniper Rifle Options Available Today (2021)

Updated 7/29/2021 Looking for the best sniper rifle there is? Here are the ones you should be looking at. What are the best precison long-range rifles available today: Barrett MRAD IWI USA DAN Barrett M107A1 Knight’s Armament M110 SASS Savage Model 10 GRS Ruger Precision Rifle FN Ballista Kimber Advanced Tactical SOC II Tikka T3x […] The post Best Sniper Rifle Options Available Today (2021) appeared first on Gun Digest. Tactical Guns | Firearm Reviews