Filibuster Fight: Round Two Begins

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We need you to take action to defend the Senate rules and defend your rights today!

Senator Schumer plans to bring up anti-gun voting rights legislation and may attempt to bypass the filibuster to pass the bill.

“We are going to vote. We are all going to go on the record,” said Schumer on Tuesday while threatening to destroy the filibuster.

Votes could take place as early as tonight!

If the Senate decides to nuke the rules, there is no stopping them from passing their radical anti-gun legislation:

  • A national gun registry
  • Semi-automatic gun bans
  • “Red flag” gun confiscation laws

These are all possibilities with this Democrat-controlled Congress.

Even Democrats who are electorally vulnerable are getting pushed by the Democrat leadership to give their support for this. For months, anti-gunners have been hoping Second Amendment activists such as yourself wouldn’t make the connection between gutting the filibuster and gutting gun rights.

Without the 60-vote threshold, Senate Democrats can rubber-stamp Pelosi’s radical anti-gun legislation.

So please send a message to power-hungry politicians in DC and Take Action!

Just imagine what power-hungry anti-gunners could do with a majority rule Senate!

They already are planning to ram through a partisan “voting rights” bill to encourage election fraud.

With this power enshrined, Democrats could add D.C., Puerto Rico, or split up existing states to giving them enough anti-gun senators to hold permanent supermajorities. Even with a gun-friendly presidential administration, that kind of power would enable them to override any of a President’s vetoes against their anti-gun legislation.

And don’t expect the courts to stop their radical agenda, because once the filibuster is gone Senate Democrats will absolutely expand and pack all federal courts with anti-gun judges.

A pro-gun Supreme Court Majority won’t make a difference when Schumer adds 10 anti-Constitution justices who have no regard for your Second Amendment rights.

With court-packing on the table, Supreme Court Justices will either be too afraid to strike down infringements, or if they do, Senate Democrats will simply replace pro-2A Justices who will roll over to the will of the radical anti-gun left.

Make no mistake, when the Democrats nuke the Senate rules, they attack the Second Amendment. So send a message to them NOW!

We need strong pro-gun Senators to stand up and fight against Senate Majority Leader Schumer’s anti-2A plans. Even if your Senators aren’t friendly to the Second Amendment, we need you to put the pressure on them to not go along with Schumer’s radical agenda.

We’re relying on you to get a pro-2A message across to these Senators before any vote on nuking any element of the Senate rules including the filibuster—so please take action right away.

Click the link below. Once you put in your information on where you are located, we’ll give you to a pre-written comment which you can send to both of your Senators.

Please urge your Senator to support the filibuster now!


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