Gun Friendly Card Payment Solutions

12/20/2022 – If you are a Federal Firearms License dealer, you probably have encountered, or probably will encounter, being cut off by your credit card processor. It happens without violating the processor’s written policy and with short or no notice.

Other ploys by these low integrity companies is charging exceptionally high transaction fees or delaying transactions, or collecting your customer’s personal information. An effort driven by the current administration and a democrat Congress. Gun control comes in many forms.

Sometimes what begins as a problem, results in a gain. It happened to us a few months ago as a result of calling our then processor with a technical support question.  They saw “Guns” in our publication’s title, confirmed we were an FFL holder, and promptly terminated our agreement. That was after being a good customer with a stellar record for more than a dozen years.

We were able to find a replacement; long term in business, better technology and service and lower aggregate fees. We were fortunate as gun friendly card processors are not easy to find; business not politics.

In the spirit of sharing helpful information to other industry resellers, another company that goes even further than our new partner, offering many other useful services to FFLs, is Orchid LLC. If you are currently searching for a card processor, or wish to be proactive in addressing potential business interrupting problems with your current card processor, you may want to take a look at Orchid.

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