HK VP9-OR Pistol Recommended by NTOA

HK VP9-OR Pistol Recommended by NTOA

Heckler and Koch is pleased to announce the Members of National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) have tested the HK VP9-OR pistol and given it a prestigious gold recommendation. This rating is part of NTOA’s Member Tested and Recommended program.

NTOA members tested and reviewed the VP9-OR, rating in 13 different categories, including Design, Performance, Ease of Use, Size, Quality, Durability, Storage, Versatility, Convenience, Application, Comfort, Accuracy, and Cleaning & Maintenance. To be recommended, products must score at least above average (3.0) in all categories. The VP9-OR far exceeded this threshold with a composite score of 4.7, earning a gold recommendation – the highest level possible.

The NTOA is a respected leader in the law enforcement community and these recommendations showcase the potential of a product’s usability for all end users, law enforcement or otherwise.

“We are absolutely thrilled to receive this recommendation from the NTOA,” LE sales manager Jason Whitten said. “As a company, we’ve had tremendous success with the VP9, and this validation from such a respected organization is yet another great chapter in the story of the VP9.”

The VP9 family of striker-fired polymer pistols is HK’s most popular pistol in the United States and with Law Enforcement. The VPs are known for their class-leading ergonomics, reliability, durability, and shootability. HK upgraded the VP series in 2020 with the introduction of increased capacity magazines and optics-ready models. Combined, these features were critical to the NTOA’s Gold rating.

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