House of Reps. Passed Gun Control… Again!

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The House Voted Anti-Gun…AGAIN

Make Your Voice Heard by Thanking Your Rep if They Opposed Gun Control or Spanking Them if They Voted in Favor

It won’t surprise you to hear the House of Representatives just voted for more gun control.

H.R. 6538, the Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022, is not a public safety tool, but rather an anti-gun propaganda program intended to further public hysteria by hyper-inflating the authentic number of “active shooter” incidents to expand support for unconstitutional gun control measures.

Under the Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022, justified self-defense shootings, gang violence, drug violence, or accidental shootings will be used to send alerts to the American people about the presence of an “active shooter” to intentionally misguide the public and create mass hysteria.

Thank or Spank Your Representative for their Votes

In addition to the Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022, GOA also condemns the passage of an anti-gun Amendment proposed by Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which is “must-pass” legislation that anti-gun radicals often try to load up with gun control.

Last year, anti-gunners tried to load up the NDAA with a Red Flag amendment – a provision that was eventually removed because of pressure from GOA members. This week, the House of Representatives added an anti-gun Amendment proposed by Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) to the NDAA.

Thank or Spank Your Representative for their Votes

Rep. Speier’s amendment to the NDAA is a first step in President Biden’s mandatory “safe storage” program. It pretends to be a suicide prevention program, but in reality, it’s a pilot program for the government to learn how to make your guns less accessible.

But while Speier tried to present her “safe storage” program as a moderate proposal, President Biden made clear that such an approach would only be a first step.  Biden confirmed this week that such a program’s end goal is to “have safe storage laws, requiring personal liability for not locking up your gun.”

Please contact your senators now and tell them to oppose this in the Senate.

Thank or Spank Your Representative for their Votes

For these reasons, we are asking you to reach out to your representative to either thank or spank them for their vote on H.R. 6538 and tell your senators to not vote for it or the NDAA if it has Rep. Speier’s amendment. When you hit the links, you will send a pre-written message to both your representative and senators.

We also urge you to call your senator as well to reject these gun-control measures and to instead restore the elements of the Second Amendment which have already been infringed upon.

After you TAKE ACTION, make sure to call your senators: (202) 224-3121


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