How To Concealed Carry In A Car



The Best Ways To Car Carry

Just how is a person supposed to concealed carry in a car? It doesn’t work as well as when you’re walking around.  There are some tricks involved in concealing while in the car, various strategies one can employ to conceal and carry while in a vehicle. 

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Tips And Tricks For Car Conceal Carry

car conceal carry

One is to keep concealing on your person.

Access to the pistol can be difficult, but with the right adjustment to the holster and sitting position won’t be too much of a problem. The reason why most waistband holsters come with or are easily adjusted to have a forward cant is so that access while sitting becomes more possible.

Car Holster Mounts

Another popular solution is to employ a holster dock, which allows you to dock a holster with an attachment that’s been fixed to a part of the car’s interior such as the console, under the steering wheel, or possibly strapped to the car seat.

Some people will place their carry gun in a console or a glove box. It seems a good idea, but can pose hazards.

First, if you have to reach for insurance and registration during a traffic stop…police will not be amused. Second, the jostling and bouncing around that can occur can be dangerous, especially if the gun goes into the glove box or console with the trigger guard unprotected.

You can also place a pistol in a mobile safe, which can fit under the seat or in the trunk.

Check State And Local Laws About Concealed Carry In The Car

That all said, be careful to review your state laws regarding concealed carry while driving. Some states mandate that loaded carry pistols must be concealed on the body, and that loaded firearms cannot be transported in any other manner.

You’re responsible to know any state and local laws, so make sure that you know the relevant laws in your area.


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