Meet Chase Glenn — Director of Business Development

Meet Chase Glenn — Director of Business Development

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Good things are happening at SilencerCo! Chase Glenn, previously part of the SilencerCo sales team, is now our Director of Business Development.

Glenn started the new position at the beginning of February. His responsibilities include strategic relationships, brand representation, and the development of new Licensing and OEM opportunities.

Chase Glenn Director of Business Development
Chase Glenn is SilencerCo’s new Director of Business Development.


Glenn has a unique and varied background. He grew up in a family of entrepreneurs in the equine industry. As a young man, he continued in the family trade, competing in national rodeos during high school, and eventually earning a degree in Equine Business Management from West Texas A&M.

Later, life took a turn, as it often does, and Glenn spent 15 years in the healthcare industry. During that time, Glenn oversaw program expansion, strategic planning, referral relations, and Executive-level mergers and acquisitions.  He also oversaw the creation of one of the first private healthcare facilities to accept VA benefits for Veterans suffering from mental health and substance abuse.

Ultimately, as Covid changed the landscape in healthcare, Glenn stepped out on a new career path. He joined the SilencerCo sales team in 2020 and spent two years strengthening relationships with dealers and customers in the southern states. That experience, along with his extensive experience in other industries, has prepared him for this new position as Director of Business Management.


He plans to apply his business experience and knowledge to the suppressor market. His mission? To build strong relationships and expand opportunities for shooters to experience firearms in a new way.

Chase Glenn at the range at SilencerCo industry event.

“At SilencerCo, we value industry relationships,” said Glenn, “Over the last 15 years of doing business, our industry partners have been incredibly valuable to us, and we look forward to deepening those relationships.”

Favorite Pasttimes

In his spare time, Glenn enjoys the outdoors and traveling with his family. He and his wife attend firearms training together, and he recently became an adult volunteer in his daughter’s 4H Clay Shooting team.

Chase Glenn with a buck he took down hunting suppressed.
Chase Glenn with a buck he took down hunting suppressed.

To reach out to Glenn regarding potential SilencerCo relationships, email

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