NBC Calls Secret Service On Gun Sites Selling “Let’s Go Brandon” Products ~ VIDEO

NBC News Calls Secret Service On Firearms Sites Selling "Let's Go Brandon" Products
NBC News Calls Secret Service On Firearms Sites Selling “Let’s Go Brandon” Products

U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- NBC News has confirmed that they called the Secret Service on Palmetto State Armory for selling an AR-15 lower receiver engraved with “Let’s Go Brandon.” They also called the Secret Service on two other companies selling magazines with the meme emblazed the sides.

During a NASCAR event, NBC reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed driver Brandon Brown in early October after a race. “As you can hear the chants from the crowd, let’s go, Brandon,” the reporter told Brown.

The crowd was not chanting, “Let’s go, Brandon.” The crowd was chanting, “F*** Joe Biden.” The NBC reporter statement became an instant meme. “Let’s go, Brandon” took over the internet and beyond. The chant went viral at sporting events across the country, and even a Southwest pilot got in trouble for saying the statement over the intercom during a flight.

On the internet, online stores started selling shirts, mugs, and more with the saying. The shirts became a best seller on Black Swan Tactical. The product line accounted for 25% of the site’s sales for October. For full disclosure, the writer of this article owns the website. Other sites have also seen an explosion of “Let’s go Brandon” merchandise.

It wasn’t just merchandise with “Let’s go Brandon” that had gone viral. Loza Alexander released a “Let’s go Brandon” song. The conservative rapper’s song shot to number one on the Apple Music charts beating out artists such as Lady Gaga. Other “Let’s go Brandon” songs also showed up on the top ten list.

Palmetto Armory released an AR-15 lower receiver with “Let’s go Brandon” engraved on the side of the mag well. The safe position on the lower is marked “F@CK.” The semi-auto position is marked “Joe.” And the final position is marked “Biden.” NBC News wrote a news article about the internet firearms dealers selling the lowers receivers and other items.

The article also criticized Culper Precision and My Southern Tactical for selling AR-15 magazines with “Let’s go Brandon” designs. NBC News was so shaken up by the memes on firearms that the mainstream media organization contacted the Secret Service. The Secret Service refused to comment.

Internet users took to Twitter to call out NBC News and the article’s writer, Ken Dilanian, for not taking a joke. Dilanian didn’t like being called out and double-downed on his concerns over items with the meme.

Dilanian responded to a user on Twitter by stating: “I called to ask the Secret Service whether they consider “F—Joe Biden” emblazoned on an assault rifle to represent a security threat to the president. Which I think is a reasonable question.”

When Kathy Griffin posed with a fake bloody Donald Trump head, NBC News did not call the Secret Service. When a play in Central Park shows the assassination of an actor playing Donald Trump, Dilanian and NBC did not call the Secret Service.

It seems that they only contact the Secret Service when it is a joke where Joe Biden is the punchline.

Palmetto State Armory declined to comment on the NBC News article and the call to the Secret Service.

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