Savage’s 9mm Stance

Expanding the gun business 09/10/2023 It is good to see Savage Arms going strong with a full product lineup; rifles, shotguns and handguns, and with a good range of models within each category. Why? Because Savage, as a large scale and long term firearm manufacturer, contributes to the overall…… Sign In Join Now Real Guns

Muzzle Pressure and Chamber Pressure: What’s the Difference?

Exploring the differences between muzzle pressure and chamber pressure is like peeling back the curtain on the fascinating world of firearms. Whether you’re a curious enthusiast or just someone keen to learn more, these two terms are like the secret sauce behind a gun’s performance. When you toss a suppressor into the mix, things can get a tad more intricate, but don’t worry; we’re here to simplify it all in straightforward language. Most people find the process of matching the […]

GOA Takes Legal Action in Defense of Six-Year-Old Suspended for Playing “Cops and Robbers” at Recess

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 8, 2023 Washington, D.C. — Last week, a first-grade student at Bagley Elementary School in Jefferson County, Alabama was suspended for pretending his fingers were shaped like a gun while playing with another student at recess. The boy’s father, Jarrod Belcher, quickly pushed back on the Class III suspension, which is considered the most serious by the school system and which prohibits the student from returning to school grounds until a conference is held. Typically, violations such as arson, assault with a weapon, selling drugs, and bomb threats are reserved for this type of disciplinary action. A redacted copy of the notice of suspension (to protect the privacy of the Belcher family) can be found here. While Mr. Belcher’s pushback has led to the school dropping the suspension down to a Class II level and the young boy has been permitted to return to school, this […]

Fine Arms Rising in the Collectibles Market

In a period of economic uncertainty, alternative assets can provide diversification, stability, and handsome returns for the savvy investor. Consider Goldman Sachs’ May 2023 Family Office Investment Insights Report, where 38% of the family offices surveyed revealed that they’d allocated capital to collectibles as part of their investment strategy. Across all respondents, 71% reported that “passion” was their primary driver in acquiring collectible assets, while 39% indicated their purchase was due to the potential to generate returns that are “uncorrelated to the rest of their portfolio” In short, collectibles are fun and offer an investment platform that’s untethered from conventional market trends. Fine arms linked to historic figures have garnered tremendous interest in the recent collectibles market. This example, Pancho Villa’s gold-plated, engraved, and inscribed Colt Single Action Army is available in Rock Island Auction Company’s December Premier Auction in Bedford, Texas. In recent years, high-value collectibles like fine art, […]

What Handguns Do Police Use?

See The Best Police Holsters For Duty Use What handguns do police use? Today, that really depends on the department…but there are a few doant brands and models that tend to be the rule. Police duty weapons have evolved a long way not only over the 20th century, but especially in the last 20 years. Since the gun-buying public tends to mirror what police carry on duty, it’s worth understanding what police carry on the job. Police Revolvers Of The 20th Century Most of the 20th Century was doated by the medium-frame double-action revolver, most of which were chambered in .38 Special. Colt and Smith & Wesson doated the marketplace well into the 1970s, and were still commonly […]

End soft targets, end gun free zones

Yet again, tragedy strikes, a life is lost, and the University of North Carolina campus becomes another statistic as one more person is killed in a gun free zone. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the faculty member who was murdered in Chapel Hill. Yet, as anti-gun activists frequently say, thoughts and prayers are not enough. Saving innocent lives will require action. This tragedy could have been avoided, and future similar incidents could be greatly reduced, if more members of the university community were armed and trained. North Carolina is one of 15 states that prohibits any form of campus carry on college or university campuses. The charge for being found with a weapon is a felony. This includes faculty and students, even if they have permits to own and carry firearms off campus. North Carolinians and students from across the country are forced to walk […]

What’s The Best Handgun For Left-Handed Shooters?

Finding the Perfect Handgun for Left-Handed Shooters Many people in the firearm community will confess that the world of handguns is largely catered to right-handed individuals. A considerable number of firearms are produced with the right-handed shooter in d. This can indeed present a challenge for left-handed gun enthusiasts in finding a comfortable and safe firearm. However, the good news is that technology, weapon design, and customization opportunities are rapidly evolving to cater to all types of shooters, including those who are left-handed. Handguns For Left-Handed Shooters Are Getting Slightly More Common While it’s true that genuinely ambidextrous handguns are a rarity, there are plenty of modern handguns that come with features that can be switched for left-handed operation. Furthermore, the availability of ambidextrous aftermarket parts means that you can even modify certain […]

What’s The Safest Concealed Carry Gun?

The Safest Concealed Carry Gun Is The One You’re Safe With In the world of concealed carry, one question persists: what is the safest concealed carry gun? This is a topic that requires careful analysis, as safety in this realm transcends the physical and mechanical aspects of a firearm. A gun is only as safe as its handler, requiring a responsible, well-trained individual who is committed to practicing safe gun handling. While distinguishing between different types of actions and safety systems may contribute to the overall safety of your firearm, it is the individual’s competency and consciousness that ultimately deteres the level of safety. Striker-Fired Vs Double-Action: Is One Really Safer? One of the oldest talking points on this topic is striker-fired pistols vs […]

What Type Of Holster Is Best For Open Carry?

Open Carry Holsters What Kind Of Open Carry Holster Should I Get? Open carry can be a divisive topic. Some people abhor the practice and decry people who open carry, some people support the right but not the practice, and some people believe open carry should be the norm. As there has been an uptick in new firearms owners and new carriers, it’s worth exploring what kind of holster should be used if one decides to open carry. In this blog, we explore the attributes that define the best open carry holster, including adjustable positioning, secure belt attachment, and precise fitment of the pistol. Attributes To Look For In An Open Carry Holster There are certain imum standards that any open carry holster should have. An excellent open […]

Handgun Hunting Pistols and Revolvers

“Every time a hunter pulls the trigger, he makes a game management decision,” famed hunting author John Wootters wrote. Wooters’ statement particularly applies to handgun hunting, a pastime he took up in his later years and promoted for its challenge, excitement, and requisite for exceptional marksmanship, stalking, and positioning skills. A Colt Python, one of the classic .357 Magnum deer hunting pistols. Available this October. As with bow and muzzleloader hunting, taking game with hunting pistols requires practice and patience. Despite the learning curve, the committed handgun hunter is rewarded with an added dimension to the pursuit that many sportsmen find immensely gratifying, the potential for thrilling up close and personal encounters, and the ability to field and travel with a more portable hunting arm. A Ben Shostle signed, master engraved and gold inlaid Colt Second Series Woodsman pistol with Scrimshaw grips, chambered in .22LR, an ideal caliber for small […]

GOA Says Proposed Lead Ammo Ban Part of Larger Anti-Hunting Agenda

The goal of a proposed federal rule to ban lead ammunition from national wildlife refuges has nothing to do with protecting wildlife, Second Amendment advocates say. “It is not based on science. I believe this is designed to drive up ammunition costs to discourage hunting,” Mark Jones, national director for hunter outreach for Gun Owners of America and a wildlife biologist with 30 years of experience, told The Epoch Times. “I believe that’s the goal of many people.” … Mr. Jones said much of the data presented comes from studies of the California Condor. According to the FWS, citing a U.S. Department of the Interior report (pdf), between 1990 and 2020, approximately half of the 213 condors that died from a known cause were killed by lead poisoning. But he said that the California Condor isn’t typical of the animals found in a NWR. “Condors are getting access to lead […]

Tell Congress to DEFUND and REPEAL the ATF’s new UBC rule

The ATF just published their new rule to essentially create backdoor Universal Background Registration Checks. It’s just as egregious as we’ve come to expect from a rogue executive branch that flat out hates gun owners and the Constitution. The rule would require a Federal Firearm License (FFL) and a background check on ANY firearm transaction where the ATF deems that any kind of “profit” is made. It’s beyond chilling that the ATF is virtually OUTLAWING private firearm transactions to ensure the government gets its hands on your personal information and transaction records for their illegal gun registry. We warned that this exact situation would happen when John Cornyn and the other back-stabbing Republicans voted for the Cornyn-Murphy “compromise” and we were right! Right now, our lawyers are combing through the ATF’s new rule and preparing a lawsuit to defend your God-given rights. But Congress can’t sit idly by while […]

Winchester XPR Sporter Part II

09/03/2023 Steady rain today. Good day for Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away”. Writing tends to send me off in directions not always consistent with my personal interests. However, I recognize that there is more to the job than doing as I please. Example? Why not? I have, fundamentally, circumvented the…… Sign In Join Now Real Guns

Is A Car Holster A Good Idea?

Car Holsters Is A Car Holster A Good Idea? It Can Be If You Use It Right Car holsters can be controversial, as they can enable poor choices if not used correctly. A responsible gun owner does everything in their power to ensure that they are using and carrying firearms safely; a person who does not should not have loaded guns in public. So let’s talk about the proper use of a car holster. A Car Holster Isn’t A Car Safe If you’re going to leave a loaded gun in your vehicle, it needs to be in a car safe. Not the glove box, not the center compartment, in a dedicated car safe. Leaving guns in cars arms crials. The Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey […]

How To Make Appendix Carry Holsters More Comfortable

Appendix Carry Holsters Making Appendix Carry Holsters More Comfortable Carrying a concealed weapon is an essential practice for many gun owners. However, maintaining comfort while doing so can be a bit of a challenge, particularly with appendix carry holsters, which are positioned in front of the hips. In this blog, we’ll go through a few top tips and tricks that can help make wearing appendix carry holsters more comfortable and convenient. Let’s explore these strategies, including experimenting with belt tension, adding muzzle wedges and other foam padding, and finding the best position on your body. Experiment with Belt Tension One thing to experiment with is belt tenstion. What a lot of people find with appendix carry holsters is that small belt adjustments […]

What Is The Point Of A Pocket Holster?

Pocket Holsters What Is The Point Of A Pocket Holster? A pocket holster has two primary functions. If it cannot do those things, it’s not worth having, and pocket carry without one is foolhardy. A pocket holster keeps the trigger guard protected, and allows the gun to be drawn clean from the pocket or at least helps. If you’re going to pocket carry, either as a primary or supplementary carry method, let’s go over what you should know about pocket holsters. Why You Need a Pocket Holster At its core, a pocket holster is about practicality and safety. The most important job of one is to protect the trigger guard, which is the job of any holster. Accidental discharges are a real risk with a pistol carried in […]

Why Wear A Belly Band Holster?

Belly Band Holsters Why Wear A Belly Band Holster? Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, a security official, or just an average citizen who lawfully carries concealed, you know that holster choice matters immensely. From comfort and concealment to accessibility and safety, the right holster can make a world of difference. Enter the belly band holster—a simple yet ingenious design that’s becog increasingly popular with concealed carriers. Here’s why you might want to consider one for your personal arsenal. Belly Band Holsters Are Adaptable One of the most significant advantages of a belly band holster is its remarkable compatibility with almost any clothing option. With a traditional holster, certain garments might not offer enough support or concealment. But belly band holsters are an entirely different story. They work […]

Russian Sniper Rifle: Mosin, SVT-40, and Eastern Front Mayhem

As weapons technology improved, the art of the sniper did too, notably in the American Civil War, the Boer War, and especially in World War 1. It seemed as soon as sniper tactics were seen as important military tactics, their relevance seemed to slip away in the interwar years, except for in the Soviet Union. The Soviets founded a sniper school and started manufacturing sniper rifles and optics in 1932, and the sniper became a squad-level position in the Red Army. The Winter War with Finland taught the Soviets lessons about equipment. They made changes to optical scopes and mounts affected by the bitter cold. The Soviets put their newfound expertise to use when the Germans invaded in 1941, as snipers demoralized the attackers. The more dynamic fighting of World War 2, with changing battlefield conditions and targets of opportunity, proved the Soviets’ sniper doctrine. The tales of Russian sniper […]

What Is a Suppressor Piston and How Does It Work?

Suppressing a handgun is not as simple as direct thing your silencer onto the end of a thed barrel. While the process isn’t overly complex, it does involve an additional component, called a piston. This piston connects the thed barrel and the suppressor, playing a crucial part in the process of sound suppression. Pistons are used with most suppressed handguns, but not all. If your handgun uses a short recoil system, you need a piston. With a short recoil system […]