Bill Introduced to Repeal ALL of Pelosi’s Gun Control

Rep. Boebert Files Bill to Clean Up Pelosi’s Mess During the 117th Congress, Nancy Pelosi’s House massacred your Second Amendment rights by repeatedly passing unconstitutional gun control legislation. Gun Owners of America is committed to repealing these laws, and on Friday, we filed suit in federal court in the northern district of Texas. Our suit seeks to repeal the waiting period restrictions that passed as part of the Cornyn-Murphy infringements that became law last year. Thankfully, our new pro-gun House majority has the opportunity to repeal even more gun control and rectify the colossal mess that was left by the Pelosi Congress. I am happy to report that Rep. Lauren Boebert just introduced the Shall Not Be Infringed Act ( #H.R. 3212), which is a comprehensive repeal of EVERY Second Amendment infringement passed by the 117th Congress and signed by President Biden. That includes ALL gun control contained in the […]

Gun Control Heading to Governor Joe Lombardo’s Desk!

); Nevada Patriots, the anti-gunners in the legislature successfully rammed two heinous gun control through the Senate, and as of late yesterday, both bills are heading to Governor Joe Lombardo’s desk for his signature. A third gun control bill is going to the Assembly for a final vote as well. I need you to call Gov. Lombardo and request he veto these unconstitutional bills ASAP. You can call Gov. Lombardo at: (775) 684-5670. If signed into law by Gov. Lombardo, these bills will: Unconstitutionally strip gun rights away from law-abiding 1820-year-old adults in Nevada (AB 355). Expand so-called “gun free” zones throughout Nevada leaving you defenseless (AB […]

FPC Challenges Onerous Maryland Gun Control Legislation in New Lawsuit

BALTIMORE, MD (May 16, 2023) On the same day it secured a preliary injunction against numerous restrictions on the right to bear arms in New Jersey, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced the filing of a new Second Amendment challenge in Maryland. The new lawsuit challenges multiple elements of the state’s Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) restrictions on the peaceable carry of firearms outside the home, which was signed into law today. The complaint in FPC’s Novotny v. Moore can be viewed at FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

MN: Omnibus Gun Control Bill Goes to the Governor!

); The bill that we have alerted our Minnesota members about twice, SF 2909, has passed both chambers and is heading to the desk of Governor Walz. And in true anti-gun fashion gun control is hidden within a massive piece of legislation! As a reder, SF 2909 is an enormous omnibus bill with gun control hidden inside. This bill contains Universal Background Checks and Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders! Both pieces of gun control will do nothing to stop crials, but they will harm law-abiding gun owners by delaying, or denying your right to keep and bear arms while also eviscerating due process! With the anti-gun Democrats […]

FPC WIN: Court Issues Preliminary Injunction in FPC Case Against New Jersey Restrictions on Bearing Arms

CAMDEN, NJ (May 16, 2023) Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced the successful acquisition of a preliary injunction against multiple aspects of the New Jersey gun control law passed to severely restrict the ability of those with carry permits from actually being able to carry in public. The opinion in FPC’s Koons v. Platkin, along with other case documents, can be viewed at FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

FPC Statement on Rep. Moskowitz Introducing Legislation to Deny Arms to Young Adults

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 15, 2023) — Firearms Policy Coalition issued the following statement regarding Congressman Jared Moskowitz (D-Florida)introduction of H.R.3155, a measure that contemplates abrogating the rights of peaceable adults to buy protected arms by discriating against Americans under the age of 25. The text of this measure is yet to be released: FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

More Than A Wrangler, It’s A Super Wrangler!..!!

Well, I probably picked the wrong firearm to debut the pictures from the new camera. Satin black bluing and matte black Cerakote®is like photography’s proverbial black cat in a coal bin… at midnight. I know, “What’s a coal bin?”. A half stop less and the Wrangler would appear as an… Sign In Join Now Real Guns

GOA sues Biden DOJ over ‘unconstitutional’ waiting period for adults under 21

A “no compromise” gun rights group is suing the Biden adistration over part of the bipartisan gun safety law enacted last summer, arguing that the law imposes unconstitutional waiting periods to purchase firearms on young adults under 21. Senior Vice President, Erich Pratt, shoots a rifle at a range. GOA argues that “de facto” waiting periods created by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act are unconstitutional. (Gun Owners of America) Gun Owners of America (GOA) on Friday filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of Texas challenging enhanced background check requirements established by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act last year. The lawsuit names Attorney General Merrick Garland and the FBI as defendants and argues that new requirements for the National Instant Crial Background Check system to review juvenile records for adults aged 18-20 create a “de facto” waiting period that violates their Second Amendment rights. That bipartisan gun control law, spearheaded by Sens. […]

GOA Running Ads Targeting Weak Links in the House

You’re our only hope of stopping Joe Biden from turning millions of law-abiding felons into gun owners overnight. As you may recall, the House Judiciary Committee approved a Joint Resolution of Disapproval last month H. J. Res. 44 that REPEALS Biden’s tyrannical pistol ban. It’s currently poised to come to the floor for a vote in the House over the next week or so. But there’s a big problem… We’ve identified several allegedly “pro-gun” Representatives who are currently on the fence about whether or not they’ll support H.J. Res. 44 when it comes before the chamber. With a razor-thin conservative majority in the House, losing even a few of these squishy Republicans would be enough to completely torpedo this critical bill. That’s why GOA is spending tens of thousands of dollars running ads that generate phone calls to the offices of these cowardly fence-sitters so we can secure […]

GOA and GOF Sue DOJ Over Cornyn-Murphy Waiting Period for Adults Under 21

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 12, 2023 Washington, D.C. — Today, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) filed a federal lawsuit in the Northern District of Texas, challenging the Department of Justice’s de facto waiting periods for NICS background checks on adults who are not yet 21. This new policy is a result of the Cornyn-Murphy gun control package passed last summer, which now imposes unconstitutional waiting periods on young adults. A NICS background check for these individuals now requires a review of juvenile justice records, state mental health records, and those from local law enforcement where the buyer resides. This review is in addition to those records aly held by the FBI NICS System, and because those state and local agencies are not equipped or prepared to provide this information in a timely manner, young gun buyers are simply forced to wait with no recourse, […]

The Hawken Rifle: History & Legend

Each period in American history has its classic firearms: the colonial era has the iconic Brown Bess and Charleville muskets, the early national period has the golden age American longrifles and dueling pistols, the Civil War had the Henry lever action and Berdan Sharps among others, the Wild West had Colt Single Action Army revolvers and Winchester Model 1873s — you get the picture. The 1830s to 1850s during the exploration of the West and conflicts in the new territories had one rifle more famous than the rest: the St. Louis Hawken rifle built by the Hawken brothers. Lot 245 is a classic American longrifle by Samuel St. Clair of Snyder County and Juniata County, Pennsylvania. Classic longrifles like this continued to be manufactured alongside half-stock rifles during the 19th century, but over time, half-stock rifles became more popular. Other members of the Hawken family, including Samuel and Jacob’s brother […]

Best SilencerCo Hunting Suppressors

Guns are loud. Hunting with a suppressor eliates the really lound bang of a gunshot. That may seem like an obvious statement—after all, cutting out noise is what suppressors do best! But there’s so much more to this, and SilencerCo has adaptable options for every hunting scenario. How can you keep your hunt quiet? Adding a suppressor to […]

Antique Air Guns of the Dr. Robert D. Beeman Collection

Dr. Robert David Beeman shaped the face of airgunning around the world and gathered an expansive collection of antique air guns from every genre imaginable. Rock Island Auction Company is proud and deeply honored to present an exquisite assemblage of some of his finest antique air guns to the public this May. The Dr. Robert Beeman Collection offers an incredible assortment of exquisite air guns ranging in shape, style, and era. Dr. Robert Beeman wore many hats throughout his life, including wildlife researcher, professor, author, entrepreneur, arms collector, and prolific world traveler. Founder of Beeman Precision Airguns, the first modern American company to significantly develop a market for adult air guns, Robert Beeman influenced countless firearm fans through his writings in the ‘Blue Book of Airguns’ series, ‘Airgun Digest,’ and his company’s numerous catalog releases. Antique air guns were constructed in a myriad of configurations, and Dr. Robert D. Beeman’s […]

Fallschirmjäger: The German WW2 Paratrooper Elite

For the majority of human history, wars were fought only on the ground. The outbreak of WW1 led to martial innovation on a scale never before seen. Technological advancements of the early 1900’s saw troops fighting in a previously unheard of field of combat: the skies. Pilots of the Aeronautique Militaire, United States Army Air Service, and the Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte among others took to the air to fight on behalf of their respective nations in WW1. These aerial WW1 artifacts are cut-away segments of aircraft canvas. At the center is a cross insignia used by the German Luftstreitkraefte in WW1 and appears to be from a downed Albatross D. III biplane. At war’s end, it was apparent that aerial combat would not be a fleeting trend but would be a major part of warfare. The interwar years saw great progress in technologies both military and civilian, and aeronautic advancement was […]

FPC Statement on Tennessee Governor Lee’s Threat to Hold a Special Session to Promote Gun Control

NASHVILLE (May 9, 2023) — Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) issued the following statement regarding Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s announcement after having failed to secure enactment of gun control legislation during the regular session of the Tennessee Legislature, that he “…will call for the Tennessee General Assembly to convene a special legislative session on August 21, 2023, to strengthen public safety and preserve constitutional rights.” FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

The Palm Pistol: Antique Concealed Carry

Taking the concept of the handgun to its most literal extreme, French inventor Jacques Edmond Turbiaux came up with the palm pistol in 1882. Intended for concealed self-defense, the Le Protector palm pistol and its successors and competitors were offered in numerous variations, finishes, grips, calibers, and even presentation styles that make them an appealing genre for today’s antique arms collectors. An exceptional cased, exhibition quality, gold plated Ames Sword Co. Chicago Fire Arms Co. Protector palm pistol with rare etched pearl panels. Rock Island Auction Company’s May 2023 Premier Firearms Auction includes two of the finest known Protector palm pistols manufactured, as well as a number of other rare examples from the genre. Click on the images throughout this article to learn more about each item. 📧 Get guns in your inbox! Sign-up for our weekly emails. What is a Palm Pistol? Palm guns, or “squeeze pistols,” are a […]

Suppressor vs. Silencer: What’s the Difference?

A silencer and a suppressor are the same thing. These two terms, among others, are used interchangeably, but a lack of knowledge has caused confusion about what they are and how they are different. To help you confidently research and use these terms, we are going to equip you with the knowledge you need, and demystify the confusion surrounding silencers vs. suppressors. […]

VT: Massive Gun Control Bill Heading to Governor!

); The anti-gunners in the Vermont Senate has recently passed H 230 a bill that infringes upon your Second Amendment rights! As you may recall, House Bill 230 seeks to make firearm storage mandatory, create a 72-hour waiting period for firearm purchases, and expand Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders to be requested by even more people! Not only are these provisions blatantly unconstitutional, but they are dangerous as well. There is no doubt that this bill could cause innocent people to be hurt or killed, and we have seen it happen elsewhere. Consider that mandatory storage laws have prevented people from accessing their firearm in time during […]

How To Buy a Suppressor: A Step by Step Guide

If you’re considering purchasing a suppressor, you might be wondering where the entire process starts and what all it entails. Our goal here is to lay out the general steps for how to buy a suppressor to help you along your way to becog a suppressed shooter. What is the overall process for buying a […]