GOA and GOF Secure Preliminary Injunction Against Illinois “Assault Weapons” Ban and Magazine Ban

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 28, 2023 Washington, D.C. — Today, Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) secured a preliary injunction against the Illinois “Assault Weapons” Ban and the Standard-Capacity Magazine Ban. In his order, Judge Stephen McGlynn slammed some of the gun control laws in question, stating they “seem to be written in spite of the clear directives in Bruen and Heller, not in conformity with them.” Erich Pratt, GOA’s Senior Vice President, issued the following statement: “Governor Pritzker and his anti-gun cabal in the legislature thought they could steam roll the Second Amendment, and this ruling makes clear that they abused their authority and infringed on their citizens’ rights. We look forward to continuing this fight.” Sam Paredes, on behalf of the Board for GOF, added: “We are excited about this ruling and thrilled to see such strong commentary from Judge McGlynn. Especially as GOF celebrates its […]

Civil War Guns for Sale: The Historic, Rare, and Elite

When it comes to fierce battles, rich history, and a wealth of innovative weapons, it’s hard to match the Civil War era. There’s little wonder that today’s collectors are drawn to relics from the conflict, and some of the finest, scarcest, and most historic Civil War guns for sale can be found at Rock Island Auction Company. One of the most important war trophies of any American War: the Beaumont-Adams revolver presented to Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis by Robert Adams of London and personally surrendered to Union Cavalryman John Hines of the 4th Michigan Cavalry at the capture of Jefferson Davis on May 10, 1865. Civil War guns owned by famous figures from the era are some of the most sought-after items in the collecting pursuit, like the historic Jefferson Davis revolverpictured above and the pair of Moore’s Patent gilt derringer pistols inscribed to General Abner Doubleday […]

Rimfire vs Centerfire: Which is Better?

If you’re into firearms at all, you’ve heard the terms “rimfire” and “centerfire.” Most shooters probably know those terms refer to ammunition cartridge types, but do they know what the differences are? Again, many will, but with so many new shooters and gun owners out there let’s give a rundown of rimfire and centerfire ammunition, what differentiates them, andthe roles filled by each might be helpful. /*! elementor […]

NC: Will North Carolina Become the 28th Constitutional Carry State?

); Constitutional Carry Gets Hearing Next Tuesday Dear friend, Thanks to your efforts, North Carolina passed SB 41, which repealed pistol purchase permits and restored school church carry, which was a historic victory. However, if gun owners can keep up the political pressure, we may pass Constitutional Carry and make 2023 one of the best years ever for the right to keep and bear arms in North Carolina. Constitutional Carry would eliate the need for government permission to carry a handgun. The permitting system would remain in place for those seeking reciprocity and the NICS bypass. In fact, the Constitutional Carry bill, HB 189, has a committee hearing […]

Do Nothing Legislation Does…Nothing

So, about all these guns bills… The Legislature is smack in the midst of policy committee hearings and believe it or not, GOC is tracking more anti-gun bills than ever. Last Summer’s Bruen decision caught them with their pants down so the Left quickly moved into high gear, drumg up a host of newfangled ways to mess with the 2A. They’ve been busy little beavers. In all seriousness, the Bruen decision launched the gun control crowd into such a fervor that their anger has been visible in the form of obstructive legislation from one end of the country to the other. How DARE a court the Supremes, no less give actual “guidelines” on detering whether a bill meets the Constitutional smell test. On that note, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the vast majority of laws in the Golden State including those introduced this […]

The Holland and Holland of an Earl’s Squandered Fortune

Hugh Lowther, the fifth Earl of Lonsdale, squandered a massive fortune through his generosity and out-sized reputation as a womanizer, horseman, hunter, and sportsman. The earl, who lived to be 87, was the second son of the third Earl on Lonsdale. His father didn’t think to bother with any of his sons’ education beyond that of his heir, leaving them to play in the stable yard and run the countryside. Hugh Lowther had been trying to one-up his older brother, St. George, for years. When St. George, the fourth Earl of Lonsdale, died, Hugh became the new Earl of Lonsdale and a fortune was heaped upon him at the age of 25 Before ascending to the aristocracy, Hugh Lonsdale aly lived his life in a large way, and was well on his way to being one of the best known and most notorious noblemen of his day. As […]

WA: Unconstitutional Gun Ban Signed Into Law!

GOA Will Not Stop Fighting For Washington! By now you’ve seen the horrible news that Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a so-called “assault weapons” ban into law yesterday. Washington is now the 10th state to pass this terrible unconstitutional gun control legislation outright banning the sale of commonly owned firearms. Like you, we’re devastated by the outcome. GOA and our members in Washington fought against this tyrannical piece of legislation every step of the way, but gun-grabbing legislators pushed it through the legislature ignoring the rights of their constituents. But rest assured we’re not packing up and leaving there’s more work to do. GOA and our legal arm Gun Owners Foundation (GOF) are fighting this exact type of gun control with pro-gun lawsuits in other states, such as Illinois and California and the outcome of these lawsuits will most likely help Washington. While […]

SC: Don’t Delay Constitutional Carry

); No More Delays, Pass Constitutional Carry Now Dear friend, Palmetto State gun owners rejoiced when Constitutional Carry passed the State House in February. However, almost two months later, there has been no significant movement in the State Senate, as the legislation has been delayed. This is not acceptable to gun owners. Recently, two more states — Florida and Nebraska — have joined the Constitutional Carry Club, and South Carolina’s northern neighbor in the Tar Heel state repealed pistol purchase permits. South Carolina should be a state that leads the way for Second Amendment rights, but it is now falling behind. Please contact your state senator to take […]

GOA’s Stephen Willeford is Coming to Danville, VA

The Barefoot Defender to Speak at Dan River Church Dear friend, On November 5th, 2017, a crazed madman attacked a small church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Heroically, a plumber named Stephen Willeford sprang into action barefooted, grabbing his AR-15 to engage the killer, saving many lives. Now, Stephen has joined with GOA to sp his powerful story of “the good guy with a gun.” You have an incredible opportunity to hear Stephen’s moving and emotional message, as he will be speaking at Dan River Church in Danville, Virginia next week. Please make plans to attend this event: Who: Stephen Willeford and you! Where: Dan River Church, 2805 Riverside Dr, Danville, VA 24540 When: Friday, May 5th at 6 pm Cost: Free Dinner will be provided at the event. GOA is grateful for Dan River Church’s hospitality in hosting Stephen and GOA. You won’t want to miss this event, so bring […]

PA: Red Flag Gun Confiscation and More to be Heard in House Soon!

); Tomorrow, the PA House Democrats, AKA “Team Tyranny,” are poised to move on several bills that seek to undere and compromise our 2nd Amendment rights. These bills include Red Flag Gun Confiscation, Universal Background Checks, and more. Not only are these bills unconstitutional, but they are also ineffective at lowering any crime. We need your voice heard loud and clear, and we need it now. These bills are in the House Judiciary Committee right now and will have a voting meeting tomorrow. The details are below: ***Voting meeting on WEDNESDAY 4/26/23, Off the Floor, Room 523, Irvis Office Building With the PA Democrats having the […]

FPC Files Lawsuit Challenging Washington “Assault Weapon” Ban Minutes After It Is Signed Into Law

SEATTLE, WA (April 25, 2023) Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced that it has filed a federal Second Amendment lawsuit challenging the State of Washington’s unconstitutional ban on so-called “assault weapons,” utes after it was signed into law by Governor Jay Inslee. Case documents for Hartford v. Ferguson are available at FPCLaw.org. FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

Striker Fired vs Hammer Fired

“Sooner or later, everything old is new again,” author Stephen King wrote in his 2005 crime thriller, ‘The Colorado Kid.’ This sentiment certainly applies to the striker fired pistol, which thrived for years alongside its early 20th century hammer fired competitors before seeg to fall by the wayside for the next four decades. In 1982, the success of the Glock 17 led to a resurgence in striker fired pistol designs that continues today. A hammer fired classic. This rare Singer Manufacturing Company 1911A1 pistol was produced under the Ordnance Educational Order No. W-ORD-396. The striker fired vs hammer fired topic is a common discussion in the firearms community, with each primer-igniting mechanism having its share of passionate supporters. In this article, we’ll look at the history of striker fired and hammer fired pistols, define what striker fired means and how striker fired pistols work, and compare some of the rare […]

AL: Stop Gun Control in the Alabama House of Representatives

); Stop Gun Control Bills in the Yellowhammer State Dear friend, Even in the proudly pro-gun state of Alabama, there is legislation on the move that is dangerous to your right to keep and bear arms. First, HB 301 greatly enhances firearms penalties, and these penalties could be used to target gun owners. Next, HB 234 is a “trap” for gun owners. Notably, it redefines a “trigger activator” as a part that turns a semi-automatic firearm into an automatic firearm (such parts are aly illegal under federal law). If such a person acquires a firearm with such a “trigger activator” (without the buyer even realizing it), then they […]

My Ruger GP100

04/23/2023 There was a period of time, in throughout the 1960s and into the mid 1970s, when drag racing was the number one participating and spectating sport. Tracks operated, some three days each week, all over the country in 1/16th, 1/8th and 1/4 mile track conformity, car owners were… Sign In Join Now Real Guns

MN: Omnibus Gun Control Bill Passed in the Senate!

); You may recall the bill I warned you about last month, SF 2909. The anti-gun democrats in the Minnesota Senate have passed this bill to infringe upon your Second Amendment rights! As a reder, SF 2909 is a massive omnibus bill with tons of gun control inside. This bill contains Universal Background Checks, Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders, magazine capacity limits, restrictions on long-gun purchases from people aged 18-20, and more! With the anti-gun Democrats in control of the State Legislature and the Governor pursuing a vicious anti-gun agenda, there is a real chance that this tyrannical bill will become law. And sadly, it doesn’t sound like […]

VT: Massive Gun Control Bill Moving in State Senate!

); The anti-gun Democrats in the Vermont House of Representatives have recently passed H 230 a bill that infringes upon your Second Amendment rights! House Bill 230 seeks to make firearm storage mandatory, create a 72-hour waiting period for firearm purchases, and allow Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders to be requested by household members! Not only are these provisions blatantly unconstitutional, but they are also dangerous. There is no doubt that this bill could cause innocent people to be hurt or killed, and we have seen it happen elsewhere. Mandatory storage laws have prevented people from accessing their firearm in time during a break-in. Waiting periods […]

Teddy Roosevelt’s Gift Gun to Henry Cabot Lodge

Theodore Roosevelt considered Henry Cabot Lodge one of his closest friends. A decade into their friendship in 1895, Roosevelt wrote to Lodge, “I can’t help writing you, for literally I have no one here to whom to unburden myself; I make acquaintances very easily, but there are only one or two people in the world, outside of my own family, whom I deem friends, or for whom I really care.” Roosevelt was a Rough Rider, conservationist, rancher, reformer, and president. Cabot Lodge, born from wealth, earned Harvard’s first doctorate in political science, and was a long-time U.S. Senator who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He was a significant political ally during Roosevelt’s presidential tenure. Cabot Lodge’s mentor, Henry Adams, described him as “an excellent talker, a voracious er, a y wit, an accomplished orator, with a clear d and a powerful memory…” He was also found to be extremely […]

Best SilencerCo .30 Caliber Suppressors for 2023

Best SilencerCo .30 Caliber Suppressors for 2023 Home April 21, 2023 David Higginbotham If you’re on a quest to find the best .30 caliber suppressors on the market, you’re at the right place. SilencerCo has several 30 Cal suppressors to choose from, and you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. First: Understand the Differences in .30 Caliber Ammunition Before we get into which suppressors are best for anyone looking to suppress .30 Cal, we need to explore the different varieties of .30 caliber ammunition and their applications. The family of cartridges under the .30 caliber umbrella really is large and diverse. This is a huge group of rifle and pistol projectiles that are all within this tenth-of-an-inch size range. Factors to consider when you’re selecting a .30 caliber suppressor are weight, length, sound reduction, durability, and compatibility with your firearm(s). It’s vital to ensure that the suppressor you […]

Take Action: Bill to OVERTURN Biden’s Pistol Ban Advances!

We’re one step closer to OVERTURNING Joe Biden’s pistol ban. The House Judiciary Committee just approved last night a Joint Resolution of Disapproval—H. J. Res. 44—to REPEAL this tyrannical assault on your God-given rights. Now, we need you to light a fire under your Representative to ensure they vote in favor of the resolution when it comes up for a full vote on the House floor. Please add your name to our pre-written letter urging your Representative to vote for the Resolution of Disapproval and use the Congressional Review Act (CRA) to REPEAL Biden’s pistol ban. ADD YOUR NAME Earlier this year, the Biden Adistration tried to turn millions of law-abiding Americans into felons overnight by banning some 40,000,000 pistols with attached “stabilizing braces.” They gave law-abiding gun owners like YOU three options: Register your firearm with the federal government and provide your name, address, social security number, fingerprints, and […]