NE: Permitless Carry Victory! The Forces of Liberty have the Statist Despots on the Run!

); Thanks to your advocacy, Prermitless Carry is moving to the Governor’s Desk! Patriots, your advocacy was a significant factor in the fight to push Permitless Carry through the legislature. The vote was 32 to 14…yet Senators McKinney and Wayne did not have the moral courage to vote to restore the liberties of their constituencies. L.B. 77 will be signed by Governor Pillen on Tuesday the 25th of April. More importantly, this September the unconstitutional registry schemes of socialist-controlled cities of Lincoln and Omaha are over! Moreover, many restrictions on the right to “keep and bear arms” have been removed. While there is still more work to be done, […]

GOA Condemns AZ Gov. Hobbs’ Veto of School Safety and Child Firearm Education Bills

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 19, 2023 Washington, D.C. — Today, Gun Owners of America issued a strong rebuke of Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs for vetoing SB 1331 and HB 2332. The bills were aimed at hardening schools and educating young people on firearms safety in an age-appropriate manner. Cyn Ladd, GOA’s Arizona State Director, issued the following statement: “Governor Hobbs claims to have met with school safety advocates, and honestly, I’d love to have been a serious part of that discussion. Our legislature has presented several strong, well-thought out, logical solutions to deter violence at schools, and yet, the Governor dismissed them out of hand. There is no reason that an armed parent licensed by the state should be prohibited from entering school grounds, as this possibility only adds an additional layer of defense in a dangerous situation.” Monte Bowen, GOA’s Pacific Regional Director, added: “At Gun Owners of America, […]

Double Down: No Red Flag Laws in Tennessee

); Act to Oppose “Mental Health Orders of Protection” Dear friend, Gun owners remember the pro-gun platform Bill “Lousy Lee” campaigned on in 2018. He teased gun owners with promises of Constitutional Carry, campus carry, and other pro-gun reforms. Interestingly, one of his promises was to sign legislation to allow “educators to be a part of the school security solution and exercise their right to carry lawfully possessed firearms in the workplace.” Gov. Lee’s lousy response to the Nashville tragedy has shown that at best he has a bad memory, or worse, he was not serious about his campaign promises. His reaction to the Nashville shooting was not […]

Guns ARE NOT the Leading Cause of Death Among Children

At this point, it’s no surprise that the anti-gun political left would attempt to capitalize on the deaths of children to push their anti-gun political agenda.[1] Time and time again, anti-gunners do everything they can to keep our schools vulnerable by refusing the requests for armed security such as allowing teachers and parents to exercise their Second Amendment right to self-defense. Ever since Joe Biden introduced the Gun Free School Zones Act as part of the Crime Control Act in 1990,[2] this useless gun control has yet to deter a single mass public murderer at a school. Yet immediately following a mass murder at a Christian Elementary School in Tennessee, President Biden began a news conference with a stand-up comedy routine about ice cream: My name is Joe Biden. I’m Dr. Jill Biden’s husband. And I eat Jenny’s Ice Cream (chocolate chip). I came down because I heard there was […]

The Bowie Knife: The Longest Serving American Weapon

“In the history of American arms, three weapons stand out above all the rest: the Kentucky rifle, the Colt’s revolver, and the Bowie knife,” wrote noted historian Harold L. Peterson in ‘American Knives: The First History and Collector’s Guide.’ Peterson went on to assert that, “Each was a superb weapon, but more than that, each became so much a part of the American scene that it transcended its role in history and became a part of the great American legend. Of none is this truer than the Bowie knife.” A rare Samuel Bell Bowie knife with a coffin handle and an ornate silver wire stitched sheath. Developed on the banks of Bayou Boeuf, Louisiana in 1826, the Bowie knife has been offered in numerous shapes and styles, including the distinctive clip point tip that came to define some of the most popular antique Bowie knife variations. To the American hunter, […]

The Resurgence of the Marlin Model 336 Part II

Spring is here, but spring temperatures are not. Skippy has a grapple related malady. Of course, the only accessory on the tractor not made by the John Deere elves. It isn’t the grapple itself, but rather the small associated wiring harness added to the tractor in support of the grapple…. Sign In Join Now Real Guns

MI: Anti-gun Legislators are Passing Unconstitutional Laws

); As you all know, the anti-gun legislators have aly rammed through unconstitutional storage laws and are currently pushing through Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders. What you may not have known is that 5 cowardly Republicans caved and voted yes on unconstitutional storage laws. The turncoats are Reps. Matt Hall, Tom Kuhn, Kathy Schmaltz, Mark Tisdel, and Donni Steele. These Republicans need to know they will never be trusted by gun owners again. The Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders that are currently in the House would circumvent Due Process protections and allow firearms to be seized from anyone who is reported as a suspicious person regardless of the […]

Aerial World War 1 Artifacts from the Dawn of Dogfighting

The sky above the trenches of France was a new frontier as World War 1 opened in 1914, with each side using lumbering, unarmed airplanes for observation, and not for an aerial fight. By the time the armistice was signed four years later the planes flew faster, higher, and were far better armed. Motorized flight was barely in its second decade, but warfare brings technological change with it, and a number of aerial World War 1 artifacts in Rock Island Auction Company’s May 19-21 Premier Auction reflect the primitiveness these daring young men in their flying machines faced during their aerial fights. This aerial World War 1 artifact is a canvas section taken from the fuselage of an American 11th Aero squadron bomber by its wartime pilot as a memento. Atop its olive green base coat is a large numeral five with the unit’s logo, and the famous comic strip […]

Best SilencerCo .22 Suppressors of 2023

Best SilencerCo .22 Suppressors of 2023 Home April 14, 2023 David Higginbotham Looking for a suppressor for .22 LR to take the bite off those blistering little rounds? SilencerCo understands the complexities of noise reduction and offers three distinctly different suppressors that will work on both rifles and handguns. Which one is best? That depends on your criteria. Let’s take a look at the options. What are the best .22 suppressors for 2023? The answer to that question is going to be subjective because it depends on the features and capabilities you’re looking for. Aside from sound reduction, weight is an important factor. While the larger rifle suppressors are effective, they would be unwieldy on the end of a handgun. Rimfire suppressors offer smaller tubes, more efficient use of both space and weight, and better balance. And some rimfire rounds are really dirty. .22LR—all of the .22 family of rimfires […]

TN: Remember when Lousy Lee Campaigned on Constitutional Carry?

); Lousy Lee Sells Out Gun Owners Dear friend, Gun owners have not forgotten the platform Governor Bill “Lousy” Lee ran on in 2022. His website proclaimed that he “[e]xpanded Tennessean’s 2nd Amendment rights with Constitutional Carry.” And while the so-called “Constitutional Carry” bill he did sign was perhaps the weakest bill in the country, it now appears Lousy Lee has completely shied away from any pro-gun rhetoric whatsoever. In fact, he recently signed Executive Order 100, which is akin to the federal gun control This gun control law added undeserving people to the national gun ban list. Further, in his “lousy” response to the Nashville school shooting, […]

TN: Gov. Lee Seeks to Remove “Access to Weapons”

); Dear Friend, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has earned a new, unflattering nickname. Gov. “Lousy Lee” has earned this moniker due to his “lousy” response to the Covenant school shooting. Instead of calling for common-sense solutions to deter school shootings such as arg willing teachers and passing real Constitutional Carry, he has presented a solution one may expect from the gun grabbers in New York or California. Lousy Lee has essentially called for red flag gun confiscation in the Volunteer State. In his ownhe says, the state needs to “remove individuals who are a threat to themselves or to our society, to remove them from access […]

The Colt Walker Revolver: Rebirth of Samuel Colt’s Firearms Enterprise

The Colt Walker revolver was the gun that relaunched Samuel Colt’s firearms business following the failure of his earlier Patent Arms Manufacturing Company. The Colt Walker is generally dual credited to Samuel Colt and Samuel Hamilton Walker of the Texas Rangers and U.S. Mounted Riflemen who worked together to release a powerful revolver for use by mounted troops in the Mexican-American War. B Company No. 175 U.S. Colt Walker Model 1847 percussion revolver. The powerful Colt Walker revolver is one of the most desirable of all antique American firearms and is an important part of Samuel Colt’s legend and legacy. This particular revolver was one of the Texas Rangers’ six shooters. Available this May. Samuel Walker and the Texas Rangers Samuel Walker, as a Texas Ranger, had used Colt’s earlier Texas “Paterson” revolvers and sought more of these five-shot wheelguns for his company in the U.S. Regiment of Mounted Riflemen. […]

MT: Enumerate the Right to Hunt within the Montana Constitution!

Let’s Ensure that Future Generations of Montanans Continue to Enjoy the Natural Bounty of this Great Nation by Enumerating the Right Hunt! Tell the Senate Committee on Fish and Game to Report House Bill 372! The right to hunt is deeply rooted within our American system of republican government. Historically, the European game laws made hunting the sole doion of those privileged few within the landed gentry, and frequently imposed draconian sentences, which commonly included the death penalty for peasants caught “poaching” on the lands of the aristocracy. The oldest laws enumerating the correlative right date back to the initial years of the American Revolution when unfettered colonists eagerly sought to reclaim their God-given rights from a tyrannical government. By studying these early recognitions of the right to sustain life with the natural bounty of God’s creation, one clearly denotes that these principled laws sought to guard against feudal privileges […]

PPD-40: The PPSh-41 Predecessor

The Pistolete Pulemyot Degtyaryova 40, or PPD-40, was the bridge to making full auto submachine guns a huge part of the Soviet arsenal on the Eastern Front of World War 2. After World War 1, the Soviets were in need of a submachine gun and tested more than a dozen before the search was whittled down to two designs, one by Vasily Degtyaryov and the other by Fedor Tokarev. Both guns were chambered for the 7.63x25mm pistol cartridge, and while Tokarev’s model was lighter, Degtyaryov’s gun was simpler to make, cheaper to produce, and more reliable. Eventually, the open bolt PPD-40 submachine gun would make way for the PPSh-41 to spit all kinds of lead and spill all kinds of German blood as the Soviets sent the Nazi war machine scurrying back to Berlin. A PPD-40 is among the more than 100 Class III/NFA offerings in Rock Island Auction Company’s […]

Ruger’s Super Blackhawk® Bisley™ Hunter

04/09/2023 The official first day of spring was 03/20/2023, which may be true for urban dwellers and democrats. Here, the official first day of spring is the day I wake up, decide possible sow storms are limited and pull the snow blower off of the tractor and prep it… Sign In Join Now Real Guns

How To Clean a Suppressor

How To Clean a Suppressor Home April 7, 2023 Travis Pike Death, taxes, and carbon buildup are three certain things in life. Suppressors, like anything else involving firearms, are exposed to carbon, lead, and fouling. We know that with firearms cleanliness often helps ensure reliability, but do we really need to clean suppressors? It’s just a tube, right? Yes, and no. You need to keep your can clean for a couple of reasons. First, of course, is to ensure it properly functions as a suppressor. If you enjoy all of the noise reduction it can provide, it is wise to ensure its kept well-maintained and functional. The other reason to clean your suppressor is to make sure it’s parts and pieces properly interface with your gun so it can reliably incorporate itself onto your weapon. How To Clean a Suppressor First identify if your suppressor needs to be cleaned. Rifle […]

FPC Files New Lawsuit Challenging California Unilateral Fee-Shifting Provision

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 2, 2023) Today, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced the filing of new litigation challenging the unilateral fee-shifting provision of California Code of Civil Procedure section 1021.11. FPC has aly been granted an injunction preventing the enforcement of 1021.11 against California State Defendants in its case known as Miller 2. This new case now seeks to extend that injunction to multiple local municipalities. The Complaint in FPC v. San Diego, along with other case documents, can be viewed at FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition