Smith & Wesson’s Governor Part II

10/27/2021 Rarely does a picture with a backdrop make it to the pages of Real Guns. Photographically, the tendency is to focus on the subject, the firearm, and to remove distractions. However, it seemed right to place a little artful photography to aid in telling the story…. the many stories. (opening kettledrum 2001: A Space Odyssey). What does the picture say? Real Guns uses an eclectic mix of quality and cheapo precision tools? Tools on a computer table create technical ambiance? Or maybe… maybe, a photo of gadgets and all of the ammunition used to illustrate the story. I think, perhaps, someone was too lazy to hoof it over to the shop… in the middle of the night, and setup studio lights and a proper white backdrop. Total mystery. Live fire The Smith & Wesson Governor was shot with 410 shot, 45 Colt and 45 Auto ammunition. Then it […]

New Assault on 2A rights Coming TOMORROW

); We just got word that a bill to impose Red Flag Gun Grabs will come before the full House Judiciary Committee this Wednesday. I need your urgent help bombarding the House of Representatives with letters to STOP this assault on our God-given rights. Please add your name to our pre-written letter to YOUR Representative, urging them to VOTE “NO” on this latest attempt to impose Red Flag Gun Grabs nationwide. Last time anti-gunners tried to impose Red Flag Gun Grabs upon our country, 135 Republicans voted with Nancy Pelosi to stab gun owners in the back. That’s why it’s critical that you let your Representative know that […]

Blackwater Worldwide Launches Fundraiser to Support Firearms Policy Coalition to Help Support Pro-Second Amendment Litigation, Advocacy, & Education Programs

CONCORD, N.C. (October 25, 2021) — Today, the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) announced that Concord, North Carolina-based Blackwater Worldwide (Blackwater) is launching a new fundraising program to support FPC’s principled grassroots activism, education, litigation, and research programs. Through this new effort, Blackwater will donate $1 to FPC for every box of its “The Heavy Hitter” 12-gauge shotgun ammunition sold into California through December 31, 2021. FPC News Firearms Policy Coalition

GOP Senators Hold Together, Stall Voter Fraud Bill

I want to thank our entire list of GOA activists for taking action this week against the voter fraud bill. As you know, anti-gun Democrats will stop at nothing to threaten gun owners’ voting rights. And that’s why I’m so grateful to those of you who demanded that your Senators stand up against Schumer’s latest power grab. In short, we won … for now. Anti-gun Democrats failed to get enough votes on the Voter Fraud bill to break the Republican filibuster. The deceptively named “Freedom to Vote Act” would invite so much fraud into our elections that gun owners would NEVER be able to win at the ballot box again. As I mentioned earlier this week, this Voter Fraud bill would turn the levers of our elections over to federal bureaucrats who have a burning desire to abolish the Second Amendment. And critical safeguards against voter fraud would be eliated, […]

What is a Percussion Firearm?

A percussion firearm is a firearm that is fired via the striking (or percussing) of an external primer which sends a flash into the breech that ignites the main powder charge. On most percussion firearms, the primer is a percussion cap. There were a variety of percussion firearms, including revolvers and other repeaters, but for this article we will focus primarily on the standard sidelock percussion firearms or “caplocks.” How Does a Caplock Work? A standard percussion sidelock uses the same interior components as a flintlock, but the overall use of the lock is simpler. After loading the main powder charge and projectile(s), the hammer is pulled back to the half-cock position and a percussion cap is fitted on the nipple. The gun is now fully loaded. Diagram of a flintlock musket converted to percussion showing the main external components Pulling back on the hammer further brings it to full-cock, […]

Muzzleloader Collector’s Jackpot

Rock Island Auction Company’s September 10-12 Premier Firearms Auction is absolutely packed with hundreds of muzzleloaders from several collections in the U.S. and abroad. Rock Island Auction Company’s September Premier Firearms Auction features a treasure trove of classic muzzleloaders. These firearms span an incredible period of time reaching back into the colonial era and up to nearly the present day, encompassing both military and civilian arms and everything from matchlocks and wheellocks to the classic flintlocks of the 18th century and the percussion arms of the 19th century. They also cover a variety of price points with estimates ranging from as low as $1,400 to elite pieces with estimates as high as $350,000, making this an excellent auction for anyone interested in muzzle loading and black powder firearms. Ethan from I Love Muzzleloading discusses a Revolutionary War era Jacob Dickert flintlock American Long Rifle. With such a wide selection, it’s […]

The MP40 Submachine Gun

The MP40 submachine gun, or the ‘Maschinenpistole 40‘, was the signature SMG of the German Wehrmacht during WW 2. The groundbreaking weapon was designed for both tactical superiority and ease of mass-production, a manufacturing philosophy other militaries quickly adopted. A German Erma MP40 submachine gun. One of the most recognizable close combat weapons of the Second World War, the MP40 saw service with all branches of the German military on every battlefront. Many of the prized submachine guns also found their way into the hands of opposition forces such as the French Resistance and Poland’s Home Army. With a reputation for durability, comfort, and relative accuracy, the full-auto MP40 was a versatile weapon in a variety of combat scenarios. The MP40 was the first broad-use infantry weapon designed to be quickly manufactured. The MP40 was originally issued to German infantry leaders, paratroopers, and armored vehicle crews who would find carrying […]

Gun Owners of CA’s Founder STILL Raising the Left’s Blood Pressure – Yippee!

It’s no surprise to us but Gun Owners of California’s late founder is still making the Left’s blood pressure rise. And boy, does this make us smile. Long after he retired from the California State Senate, H.L. “Bill” Richardson continued to be a media favorite as the guy who would pull-no-punches and colorfully tell it like it is, whether it was about the 2nd Amendment, freedom or his love of America. And were he still with us today, we know damn well he’d stand proudly with the “domestic terrorists” also known as concerned parents who have had the courage to recently stand up to the jack-booted thuggery of our government and educational bureaucracy. To see his name elevated by an East Coast Leftist as one of the chief architects of this current political movement thrills us at GOC to our core: “One blueprint that conservative activists have adopted […]

Road to the 1911 Pistol

The famous 1911 pistol is one of the most popular handguns of all time. When it comes to factors like balance, comfort, and reliability, John Browning’s 1911 design has no shortage of admirers. The legendary pistol was eventually adopted by the U.S. Army and went on to become the longest-serving sidearm in American military history, but the 1911’s road to success as a military handgun included numerous early models and experimentation as Browning raced to develop a pistol that would standout against a slew of competitors. Rare and historic Colt Model 1910 John Browning prototype semi-automatic pistol, Serial Number 3, from the Dr. Robert Azar Collection. The U.S. Military’s search for a reliable semi-automatic sidearm was a primary driver in the development of John Moses Browning’s .45-caliber pistol. Many of the evolutionary predecessors to the Colt 1911 are rare guns today, with especially scarce examples like the Colt Model 1910 […]

Voter Fraud Alert

We don’t have much time. Any day now, Chuck Schumer is going to bring a bill to the Senate floor that would destroy our country with voter fraud. The deceptively named “Freedom to Vote Act” would end voter ID laws, enact “automatic” voter registration that could lead to the registration of illegal aliens, and federalize our elections. This bill would invite so much fraud into our elections that gun owners would NEVER be able to win at the ballot box again. With Democrats threatening to eliate the filibuster to ram this voter fraud bill through the 50-50 Senate, I need your help bombarding them with letters to STRIKE IT DOWN. Please add your name to our pre-written letter to your two Senators, urging them to VOTE NO on this voter fraud bill. ADD YOUR NAME Having been hit with an avalanche of regulations, fees, waiting periods, and outright bans, gun […]

Red Flags in H.R. 1620 Up for Negotiation

); Senator Ernst: “I think we’ve found a potential solution on [firearms provisions].” Gun Owners of America has been fighting against a new form of “red flag” gun confiscation orders in the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act or VAWA since 2019, when anti-gunners politicized the funding to include gun control. While we defeated the passage of VAWA’s gun control in the 116th Congress—President Biden has thrown his full support behind VAWA’s gun control in the 117th Congress. On the same day he announced the noation of defeated ATF Director Noee David Chipman, President Biden also demanded that Congress: [R]eauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, which—the so-called—close—the “boyfriend” and […]

Idaho Senators Crapo and Risch Helped Defeat the Most Dangerous ATF Nominee in History

As GOA announced September 9, the White House withdrew the noation of David Chipman to be Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives! This would not have happened without the hard work at the grassroots level of many Second Amendment supporters across America, and our Idaho members and supporters were instrumental in helping make this happen! There has never been a more dangerous choice to lead an aly out-of-control government agency like the ATF. Chipman, a registered gun control lobbyist, has a long history (while making a very high salary) of scheg about ways to turn gun owners into crials. Chipman Always Has the Second Amendment in His Crosshairs. Chipman supported, in part: Banning homemade firearms Banning so-called “assault weapons” Universal background registration checks Banning the online sales of ammunition Raising the age to purchase a firearm And much, much more… Thankfully, on September 9, the Biden Adistration […]

163 House Republicans Announce Opposition to Gun Confiscation

Let me recap what happened this last week before we get to the good news. Last week, GOA notified you that the House of Representatives was about to vote on “red flag” gun confiscation orders for our military servicemembers. GOA fought alongside many allies in Congress, including pro-gun Representatives Chip Roy, Bob Good, Dan Bishop, Lauren Boebert, Andrew Clyde, and Matt Rosendale to push back against the bill. Unfortunately, the bill still passed the House of Representatives with only 75 House Republicans voting against the bill, which contained the anti-gun provisions. The Swamp was hoping gun owners wouldn’t notice the gun control buried in the 1,362 page FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act. But because of your collective loud voice, they couldn’t help but notice. You held Republicans accountable for letting the bill pass by demanding answers on their official social media platforms, at local town halls and meetings, and […]