Treason: Tyranny Of Government Is Treachery To A Nation’s People


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Tyranny Of Government Is Treachery To A Nation’s People iStock-Sergei-Q

New York – -( Tyranny is here, in America. It is here now, today. That this is so, is indisputable, irrefutable fact; unsettling and distressing as this fact may be to contemplate.

The Neo-Marxist Internationalists and Mega-Billionaire Neoliberal Globalists of present-day America would vigorously deny this, of course, when confronted with the inescapable ample evidence for it.

The actions of a Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist led and controlled Congress and Executive Branch of the Federal Government glaringly demonstrate the truth of this. They are responsible for it, and what is more, they know it to be so; they welcome it; they have planned for it; they intend to see it come to fruition—tyranny imposed on the people by a rogue Government.

But they assiduously try to hide the truth of their crimes and sins from the people, lest the people rebel. The people cannot be allowed even to whisper the truth while these Neo-Marxists &  Neoliberal Globalists go about conjuring up a drastic transformation of our Country.

The Neo-Marxists & Neoliberal Globalists are methodically, inexorably dismantling a proud, sovereign, independent Nation & a free Constitutional Republic; rendering it an afflicted, wretched, borderless, amorphous territory—one eventually to be merged into a globalist totalitarian new world order.

This massive, horrific transformation of a free Constitutional Republic is taking place quickly.

Already, in the space of eight months, after the puppet-masters evicted Donald Trump from Office through the unethical and criminal manipulation of the electoral process, the Nation is unrecognizable.

Although powerful, secretive Destructive elements had been machinating to dismantle the Republic at its inception, upon Ratification of the United States Constitution in 1788, the process of dismantling the Republic had heretofore proceeded relatively silently, furtively, at a snail’s pace.

It was only at the dawn of the 21st Century upon the inauguration of the “Skull and Bones” President, George Bush, that the process of dismantling the Republic moved forward openly, fervently, rapidly, in earnest.

The Bush Administration with the assistance of Alan Greenspan, Chair of the Federal Reserve, along with a host of neoconservative henchmen, embroiled the Nation in an expensive escapade in the Middle East, from which we have never really extricated ourselves. It resulted in the loss of thousands of American lives, trillions of taxpayer dollars, and the collapse of the American economy in 2008.

The Grand Apologist, Barack Obama, compounded the Nation’s economic and geopolitical plight. As another puppet of the shadowy Destructors of our Nation, Obama attempted, through secretive, negotiations with other nations and multinational businesses to bind the Nation to two massive transnational trade deals: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (T-TIP).

Had those international trade agreements materialized, they would, in their operation, have severely weakened the Nation’s Constitutional underpinnings. It was expected that Hillary Clinton would have continued the Obama policies had she succeeded him. And, many there were, both here and abroad, that presumed Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in to succeed Obama. They were wrong.

Clinton lost. Donald Trump became President and threw a wrench into the grand scheme of the Marxists and Neoliberal Globalists to dismantle the Republic.

The shadowy puppet-masters who oversaw all of this were enraged. They made sure Trump wouldn’t serve a second term in office. Once their physically frail, emotionally weak, and cognitively challenged puppet was firmly ensconced in Office, they wasted no time completing the process of destroying the Country from within—not only economically, but politically, societally, juridically, and culturally. Already, we see inklings of the resumption of TTP and T-TIP.

The seditious Press and social media are collaborating in all of this.

They are baldly, blithely censoring speech and endlessly, relentlessly pumping out gibberish on behalf of the puppet-masters. They have obtained the cooperation and acquiescence of many Americans; some capitulating, resigned; reconciled to their fate; others avidly embracing it. Americans who have bought into the nonsense, don’t realize or have long since forgotten, that our Nation was conceived in liberty.

The ruination of a free Constitutional Republic is at hand and with it, the suppression of our sacred freedoms.

The Neo-Marxists have taken over the education of our youth. They have rewritten the civics and history curricula of our public schools. They have recast the entirety of a Nation’s glorious history and Constitution to create a false narrative, one completely at odds with the truth, and one alien to and antithetical to the nobility of man, as they usher in a new era. It is one devoid of the notion of the inviolability of the rights and liberties of man; of the autonomy and sanctity of the individual over the Collectivist State.

But freedom is not a privilege to be dispensed occasionally to some and denied more frequently to others—at the whim of and by the grace of Government.

‘Freedom,’ ultimately, is an illimitable, immutable, unalienable right of the people. It is intrinsic to the people, bestowed upon them and into their very being by a loving God. Yet, Government usurpers pretend that freedom is an artificial construct. These usurpers see, in “Freedom,” something akin to candy; a reward to be given to those who willingly bow to their will.

To these usurpers, “freedom” is nothing more than a commodity, a thing created by or manufactured by the Government and therefore a thing within the lawful power of Government to mete out or to revoke, as Government alone, at its whim, decides.

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