Will Halyna Hutchins’ Killer, Alec Baldwin, Get a FREE Pass? ~ VIDEO

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Anti-gun activist and general enemy to the 2nd Amendment, Alec Baldwin, shows his hypocrisy and lack of personal responsibility in the recent homicide of his Cinematographer and injury of his set Director.

There is a general protection being put in place for Alec Baldwin within the liberal media world and Twitter-verse.

The overall notion among his supporters is that Baldwin is not responsible for his actions that resulted in the death of Halyna Hutchins.

If a prominent Conservative made a mistake like this, the world would be on fire and gun owners would be the target of attack. Because the liberal left holds higher value to protecting their own rather than protecting moral integrity and value, we will watch this debacle slip to the pits of hell in a mad rush to protect one of their own.

Known for his disdain toward the right of the people to keep and bear arms while exercising his own right to use guns for his financial benefit on the movie set, the actor ends the life of an innocent woman. In a typical avoidance of personal responsibility for his actions, Alec Baldwin reportedly asked why was he given a “hot gun” after he accidentally fatally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and injured director Joel Souza, on the set of the upcoming Western, Rust, in New Mexico on Thursday.

Let’s set the record straight and understand exactly who Baldwin is when it comes to his views on the rights of his fellow American Citizens with respect to gun ownership.

In a horrible hit Tweet against American Patriot and 2nd Amendment Champion Dana Loesch, Baldwin had this to say: “I see that @Dloesch wants to “take back the truth.” And she doesn’t care how many dead bodies she has to step over in that pursuit. The Second Amendment is not a moral credit card that buys you all the guns you want. That law needs to be rethought.7:46AM Mar 5, 2018.

In 2017, Baldwin tweeted about a fatal police shooting that took place in Huntington Beach, California, in which the Actor sarcastically wrote, “I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone…”

According to the LA Times, Three crew members who were present at the Bonanza Creek Ranch set on Saturday said they were particularly concerned about two accidental prop gun discharges. Baldwin’s stunt double accidentally fired two rounds Saturday after being told that the gun was “cold” — two crew members who witnessed the episode told the Los Angeles Times.

According to the LA Times, Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was huddled around a monitor lining up her next camera shot when she was accidentally killed by the “prop gun” fired by Baldwin. Crew members had already shouted “cold gun” on the set. The filmmaking team was lining up its camera angles and had yet to retreat to the video village, (an on-set area where the crew gathers to watch filming from a distance via a monitor.) Instead, the B-camera operator was on a dolly with a monitor, checking out the potential shots. Hutchins was also looking at the monitor from over the operator’s shoulder, as was the movie’s director, Joel Souza, who was crouching just behind her. Baldwin removed the gun from its holster once without incident, but the second time, the live round was shot, penetrating Hutchins near her shoulder, then continued through to Souza. Hutchins immediately fell to the ground as crew members applied pressure to her wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding. The person in charge of overseeing the gun props, known as the “Armorer,” was 24-year-old Hannah Gutierrez Reed. Reed could not be reached for comment at the time but has since been reported to have said, that she almost didn’t take the job, as head armorer, because she wasn’t sure if she was “ready” for it, according to Insider.com.

“There should have been an investigation into what happened,” a crew member said. “There were no safety meetings. There was no assurance that it wouldn’t happen again. All they wanted to do was rush, rush, rush.”

According to an on-set source, the Director had called for another “take” when Baldwin (jokingly) remarked, “Another take? How about I just fuckin’ shoot the both of ya?”

Alec Baldwin would be the first to take away your right to keep and bear arms if given the opportunity. As a matter of fact, his previous track record shows his exact intentions of how willing he is to violate the rights of his own fellow citizens. Alec Baldwin is ultimately Responsible for his actions. The person handling the firearm is responsible for the firearm. But what do we hear from this man’s supporters immediately after the devastating tragedy that took an innocent life? A complete disregard for personal responsibility of course.

In a desperate attempt to blame their political opposition, some even tried redirecting the focus from Baldwin’s actions to Trump supporters: Twitter Troll, Joshua Okada (2cowboybebop8991) had this to say:

“Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots two people with a prop gun one person dead the other injured Automatically Trump supporters are trying to blame Alec Baldwin for the horrible accident instead of trying to send prayers to family of lost one and injured.”

Johannes Velterop @villavelius Tweeted: “Might the prop gun have been secretly loaded with real bullets by a Trump supporter, to punish Alec Baldwin for his Trump parodies? Should be a line of inquiry.”

Throughout the mad rush of left-wing Twitter support for Baldwin, rational thought has made it way through the insanity. Prominent Political Commentator, Tim Pool is one of several recognizing the irrational support for a lack of personal accountability and he Tweeted the following: “Anyone tweeting that this is not Alec Baldwin’s fault will never be allowed anywhere near my range or my guns.”

Sheriff Clarke, David A. Clarke, Jr. @SheriffClarke had this to say:  “Alec Baldwin was “told” the gun was unloaded? You mean he took it for granted and didn’t double check it himself? Typical anti gun liberal. Knows nothing about gun safety. No doubt he didn’t know how to check it himself and he should have.”

In response to the incident and Baldwin’s 2018 Tweet, Dan Loesch recently responded with: “No, it’s not just the armorer’s responsibility. This is basic firearms 101: Either know what you’re handling and take responsibility for where your barrel is pointed or don’t handle a firearm in film or life — especially when you’re the exec producer and lead talent on set. Your level of celebrity doesn’t absolve you of this responsibility or justify recklessness. I would not set foot on a range with anyone who believed that they are not responsible for what happens when they handle a firearm, full stop.”

The most important component we can apply to this scenario is the full responsibility of Baldwin’s actions on him for not carefully controlling the firearm and using it safely. This is not the responsibility of anyone other than Baldwin himself.

Would Keanu Reeves make this kind of mistake. No. Why? Because gun owners work hard to integrate safety and procedural firearms processes. It becomes inherent in the mindset of gun owners because they care. Gun-owners take safety seriously. It would seem, Hollywood elitists have no real accountability for their own actions. Maybe that is a result of the fantasy culture within which they live.

Liberals cannot be trusted with firearms. Their disdain toward the rights they represent, their lack of personal responsibility when handling them, their refusal to acknowledge the life preservation value they possess, and their inability to understand the moral value firearms hold within our society prevent them from a full understanding of gun ownership. Alec Baldwin is just one of many.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege.
It’s your right.

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